Book Review of Knitting

Author: Anne Bartlett
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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I absolutely love this book, and raced through it in two sittings.

Bartlett has created a complex story that touches on grief, obsession, madness, mirrored in the physical art of creation.

Sandra Fildes is a brittle, controlling, still-grieving widow whose chance encounter with the eccentric, generous Martha McKenzie grows into an odd friendship centered around Sandra's attempt to launch a multi-media display of knitted garments of the 19th century.

Yes, there's knitting content here, and if you're a knitter, you'll recognize many of Martha's mindsets and frustrations. But you don't need to have a clue about the craft to recognize the way Bartlett uses it as a metaphor.

Hugely satisfying, and I'm going to take a soapbox to my next F2F book club meeting and wave this book around until the members agree to read it for discussion.