Book Review of Vanishing Acts

Vanishing Acts
Vanishing Acts
Author: Jodi Picoult
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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I read this book at the incessant urging of my best friend and can't understand why she was so insistent. It is a fairly good book with a twisting, detailed and very involved plot, but I never could form a firm bond with the main character - Delia Hopkins. I really did not much care what happened to her which of course colors my opinion of the book. Her story was interesting but I never really connected with her.

She was brought up by her father who "kidnapped" her at an early age and she did not meet her mother until she was 28 years of age. By then she had her own daughter who was around the same age as Delia when she was "kidnapped." Delia had 2 men in her life - next door neighbors on each side of her that she grew up with and who were both "in love" with her as adults.

The story takes place while her father is being tried for his crime of running off to another state with his daughter Delia and telling her that her mother is dead. Jodie Picoult knows how to tell a good story which holds your interest through all 418 pages. But really just not my kind of book.