Book Review of The Reincarnationist

The Reincarnationist
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As the book begins, the main character, photojournalist Josh Ryder, is in Rome to cover the meeting of a delegation of major superpowers when he is injured during a terrorist attack. The injury triggers episodes that he slowly realizes are not hallucinations, but actual memories of a past life. His attempts to discover the truth about the events that he glimpses during these episodes set the stage for the mysteries that must be solved in both the present and the past. As Josh's story unfolds, the author deftly introduces buried treasure, illicit romance, multiple villains and, finally, a surprise ending.

This is a fast-paced mystery based on events that began in the past lives of the main characters. Even if you do not believe in or accept the possibility of reincarnation, the plot of the book is still intriguing and the writing holds the reader's interest. The story switches effortlessly back and forth in time; flashbacks are handled in such a way as not to confuse the reader and past and present events are well connected. If you are looking for suspense with a twist, I can highly recommend this book.