Book Review of Jackie Ethel Joan : Women of Camelot

Jackie Ethel Joan : Women of Camelot
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Using extensive research and a wealth of information available to no other biographers, bestselling author J. Randy Taraborrelli truly captures the special sisterhood shared by the three famous Kennedy wives - Jacqueline Bouvier, Ethel Skakel and Joan Bennett. Here, in new details, are firsthand revelations about... Jackie's real feelings on JFK and Marilyn Ethel and Joan chose to handle their husbands' Joan battled alcoholism with Jackie's support...Ethel's and Joan's actions during Chappaquiddick, including Jackie's opinion about that tragedy...and the jealousy and love that emerged when it seemed that first Ethel and then Joan would be the next Kennedy First Lady.

Carefully separating fact from innuendo and probing the women's close and complicated relationships with one another, Jackie, Ethel and Joan presents a balanced and affectionate portrait of three courageous women that may inspire us all.