Book Review of Acts of Love

Acts of Love
Acts of Love
Author: Roberta Latow
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Arianne was still innocent when she surrendered herself to him--the charming, debauched stranger whom she loved at first glance. He escorted her through a world of breathtaking sensuality--igniting within her a carnal fire that raged hot and wild and out of control. Then tragic circumstance stole him away, abandoning Arianne to her sorrow...and her need.

Jason had shown his ravishing blueblood wife the road to paradise. Now he is gone, leaving her grief-stricken and in the thrall of a darkly handsome libertine who once shared in their erotic games. But wanton ecstasy alone can no longer satisfy Arianne. For she is a woman with a need to love that can only be nourished by one one very special man.