Book Review of The 13th Warrior (aka Eaters of the Dead)

The 13th Warrior (aka Eaters of the Dead)
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In A.D. 922 ibn Fadlan, the representative of the ruler of Bagdad, City of Peace, crosses the CAspain sea and journeys up the valley of the Volga on a mission to the King of Saqaliba. Before he arrives, he meets with Bullwyf, a powerful Viking chieftain who is summoned by his beseigned relatives to the north. Bullwyf must return to Scandinavia and save his country men and family from the monsters of the mist.

Join them on thsi stunning adventure to the mysterious land where the day's length does not equal the night's...where after sunset the sky burns in streaks of color...where Bullwyf and his band of brothers must lock in mortal combat with the dark, hairy brutes who threaten to empty the land...