Book Review of Hemlock Bay (FBI, Bk 6)

Hemlock Bay (FBI, Bk 6)
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FBI special agent Dillon Savich rescues two boys who were about to be dismembered by the Warlocks, a sibling pair of psychotic serial killers, in an eerie X-Files-type encounter. Killing Tommy and shooting off Timmy's arm, Dillon discovers that Timmy is really Tammy. Assuming that the case is closed, he and his wife, Sherlock, also an FBI agent, head home, where they get a phone call informing them that Dillon's sister, Lily, is in the hospital. Lily insists that her car crash was not a second attempt to take her life in the wake of the death of her six-year-old daughter. Dillon investigates and uncovers a possible motive for murder: Lily's husband and/or in-laws would have benefited from her death since she inherited some paintings worth millions of dollars. Dillon calls in his art expert friend, Simon, who discovers that half the paintings have been stolen and replaced with forgeries. Lily finds a friend and soulmate in Simon as they face danger in their quest for the paintings and the thieves. Meanwhile one-armed Tammy has escaped custody, and Dillon may be the only one who can stop her from killing again