Book Review of The Armageddon File (Tommy Carmellini, Bk 8)

The Armageddon File (Tommy Carmellini, Bk 8)
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The presidential election is over and America is stunned by the result: an outspoken entrepreneur who has never held elected office has handily beaten a seasoned politician. The new president-elect promises great change and his message struck a chord with the public. His victory may not be as amazing as it seems, however, when allegations arise that a foreign power may have interfered with the integrity of the voting process. CIA Director Jake Grafton tasks Tommy Carmellini with determining if there is any truth to the allegations. As the investigation progresses, Carmellini realizes it will take him far beyond America's borders and to the heart of two of its biggest global rivals. What he finds out could very well change the American political process for decades to come.

The Armageddon File by Stephen Coonts is the 8th entry in the series spun off of the popular Jake Grafton series. Coonts' novels are full of action that keep the reader engaged and this one is no exception. It is literally ripped from the headlines of just over a year ago, as if Coonts was able to predict with uncanny accuracy what the result of the 2016 election would be. I enjoyed this book immensely, with its larger-than-life characters and multiple twists and turns. I would definitely recommend this book to nearly everyone and give it 4/5 stars.

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