Book Review of The Neverending Story

The Neverending Story
The Neverending Story
Author: Michael Ende
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

I remember reading Momo, also by Michael Ende, when I was a kid and enjoying it. Id never read the Neverending Story (though, of course, Id seen the movie which was so inaccurate that it inspired Ende to sue Hollywood, apparently).
The Neverending Story is a kind of Pilgrims Progress of childrens fantasy. (I have a feeling that if I were more familiar with the details of A Pilgrims Progress, Id notice that Ende is actually commenting on the theology of that book the basic similarities are obvious.)With the aid of a magical book (which he stole), the unattractive and cowardly boy Bastian travels to a realm of fantasy, and goes on a quest. In this land, through his travels, he becomes unrecognizable now brave, handsome and powerful. However, the cost is the loss of his memory and identity.
The book is very philosophical and allegorical, and has that old-fashioned (lack of) structure where it jumps from one fantastic episode to the next as the hero (?) travels through the land.
I have to admit, although the book was interesting, I was not overly enthralled by it. I think Momo was much better.