Book Review of Amanda (The Austen Series, Bk 5)

Amanda (The Austen Series, Bk 5)
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There are so many remakes of Jane Austen novels out there, that one despairs of ever finding one that stays true to Jane Austen. "Amanda" is part of the Austen Series written by Debra White Smith and I must say that I was refreshingly suprised when reading all of the series. She takes the Austen plots and puts them in completely modern plots and situations that are entirely believable and completely endearing. All of the novels end as you would expect them to. Being a diehard Austen fan myself, this is completely necessary. You can appreciate each book for itself, instead of reading a Jane Austen sequel and being sick to your stomach at the liberties the writers have taken. I believe Jane Austen herself would approve of the Austen series that Debra White Smith has created, and that is high praise indeed.