Book Review of Jackie Ethel Joan : Women of Camelot

Jackie Ethel Joan : Women of Camelot
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It is a tell-it-all about the three Kenney wives and listening to it
helped me relive some days of my younger days when John, Robert
and Ted Kenney were alive and running for various political offices.

For some reason, I never followed too closely the dirt behind
their respective careers . . . yet this book more than made up for
anything I may have missed.

If everything in it is to be believed, I now know that Joe Kennedy
offered Jackie $1 million not to divorce JFK and Jackie allegedly
replied, "The price goes to $20 million if Jack brings home any
venereal diseases." . . . also, that Bobby had an affair with
actress Lee Remick who actually called Ethel to tell her that they
were sleeping together--only to be told by Ethel that he was
home in bed (when he was actually with Remick) . . . and that
Ted once showed up for drunk with a prostitute for dinner with
the king and queen of Belgium, whose priceless antique coach
Ted's date ruined by wetting it.

Overall, the book left me feeling sorry for the Kennedy women . . . although they appeared so glorious from afar, how they were forced to live their lives because of the constant spotlight made life anything but easy for them.