Book Review of The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Bk 1)

The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Bk 1)
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Way better than I orginally thought. Although I had been a fan of Patterson for a while. I saw this book in the stores for years and really wasn't interested in another teen,magic type book, but needless to say it was Not Harry Potter-esque at all! These kids are the result of some weird ,wacky scientists experiments. They generated wings on these pre-teens, some in the womb of their unknown mothers. It's indicated that some the parents knew about the engineering of the wings before hand although it's not quite clear wether that is totally true or not. All in all, I can't wait to recieve book two and the other books in the series to see how it all gets wrapped up. I have faith in Patterson and maybe he will use his political powers in Hollywood to see a movie gets made it would be quite a relief from all the sequels hollywood is making now.