Book Review of The Quinn Legacy: Inner Harbor / Chesapeake Blue (Chesapeake Bay, Bks 3-4)

The Quinn Legacy: Inner Harbor / Chesapeake Blue (Chesapeake Bay, Bks 3-4)
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This book includes both Inner Harbor (Phillip's story) and Chesapeake Blue (Seth's story).
With Inner Harbor, I have to say I was the least interested in Philip's story. He is such a priss in the other books, whining all the time and caring about his clothes, etc. In Inner Harbor you get more of his charachter as a man and see a less prissy side of him. I would have liked it if had used some of the skills he had (lock picking etc.) from his childhood. But I did like the love story between him and Sybil. I was also very happy that Seth's story was wrapped up with this book.
Chesapeake Blue was very good and the love story was well written and exciting. I personally had a hard time seeing Seth as a man instead of a child and the beginning of the book when he moves in with Cam and Anna didn't make that any easier for me. I'm not sure how old he was supposed to be in the story. It might be because I read the whole series in a week. If I'd had a break maybe it would have been easier.
The only thing about this series that I found is that after a while, it got really old that none of the charachters had decent relationships with their natural-born parents (except maybe Anna and her grandparents but again, that's not her natural mom and dad). It got a little old that every single charachter -- not just Ray Quinn's boys but all the women in their lives -- had to come from a disfunctional family!