Book Review of Simple Jess (Marrying Stone, Bk 2)

Simple Jess (Marrying Stone, Bk 2)
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Widow Althea Winsloe has vowed that she will not marry again. She has devoted her life to her young son, Baby-Paisley, and wants to ensure that he will inherit his late father's farm. But Althea knows she can't survive the winter on her own. When Jesse Best hears that she is willing to sell her husband's hunting dogs, he makes an offer for a dog. Althea offers him the whole pack if Simple Jess will do some work around the farm. Jess is a big strong man who suffered some brain damage when he was born. He is slow to learn but eventually accomplishes what he wants to do.

When the families on the mountain insist that Althea marry and give her son a father, they put forth two suitors and tell her she has to marry one of them by Christmas. Will she pick Eben Baxley or Oather Phillips? Or will she pick the man she has come to rely on?

If you're looking for a unique story with a historical setting, this is a good one. Althea is a strong heroine who will do anything to make sure her son will inherit the farm. But the story is all about Simple Jess. He knows he is different but doesn't let his disability stop him. He has dreams. He wants to someday marry and have children.

The setting of this story is wonderful. The characters are fantastic, including Althea's two suitors. At first I hated Eben Baxley, but he did redeem himself at bit toward the end of the book. Oather was another wonderful character with a lot of family problems. I wish Pamela Morsi would write two more books featuring these heroes. My rating: 4.5 Stars.