Book Review of Nevermore (Maximum Ride, Bk 8)

Nevermore (Maximum Ride, Bk 8)
Helpful Score: 3

Wow and not in a good way. I should have known this book was going to be horrible when James himself even said in a blog, after the book came out, that he was tired of the characters and did not connect with them anymore, hence why he ended the series. He should have ended it with Angel even. This book was HORRIBLE. If you're expecting none stop action, fights, end of the world's not here. Don't even ask me what the end of the world really was...I'm still trying to process that because the ending of this book, without giving away much, was a freaking joke. I'm done reading James books and will not be reading his new series that he put a preview of in this book. I think the man is burnt out from writing so many books every year and he needs a vacation/break from it. I say save your money, don't buy the book, heck don't even read it, you can come up with a better story. So much was just left unanswered and we find out who does the Voice and I was like -.- that makes a tiny bit of sense but not much. I say pass on this book, believe me, anyone out there could write a better ending to the series.