Book Review of The Confession of Brother Haluin (Brother Cadfael, Bk 15)

The Confession of Brother Haluin (Brother Cadfael, Bk 15)
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As usual, the cadfael series is very good. This one has some pretty serious adult issues in it, so for the first time I didn't let my 10 yr old read it. Yes, she reads murder mysteries, but no, I don't go so far as the storyline in this particular book.
Brother Haluin confesses on what he supposes to be his deathbed, recovers, and decides to pursue restitution for his earlier sins. This sets into motion a complex series of events, a beautifully woven chain of cause and effect. I am amazed at how Peters keeps these things straight! One mystery after another comes to the attention of the characters (and readers) and eventually Cadfael connects the dots. He does so nearly accidentally- as often as Cadfael saves the day, it never feels like canned writing or a formula. Deeply humane writing!