Book Review of Innocent Blood

Innocent Blood
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Philippa was adopted when she was 8 years old and, due to a trauma, does not remember anything about her biological parents. As soon as she turns 18, she requests this information, and learns that her mother is a convicted killer and due to be released in a few weeks' time. She decides she wants to spend some time with her mother to find out more about herself, and rents an apartment for them to live together for a while. Things get interesting when we learn that the father of the murder victim has been waiting patiently for Philippa's mother's release, because he wants to avenge his daughter's death.

I love the way P.D. James ratches up the tension almost imperceptibly; and even though the main characters are almost all loathsome (great characterizations!) I had to finish this book in one weekend. This one is not the typical who-done-it. As usual, James does not "talk down" to the reader, but in addition to a great story, gives him something to think about. Great book!