Book Review of Beloved Enchantress

Beloved Enchantress
Beloved Enchantress
Author: Joan Van Nuys
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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A Love As Timeles As The Midnight Sun!
Wild and free, beautiful Sunnica had no interest in the housewifely arts her mother taught her; nor would she meekly accept the middle-aged bridegroom her father proposed. There was ony one man for her--Raven,as fierce as his namesake. She would risk banishment to ride at his side. Only his kisses turned her blood to fire, only his hard warrior's body could penetrate her maidenly reseve.On the morn of their wedding she was taken by Viking chieftain Rolf Gunnarson. Her heart breaking, Sunnica swore no man would take by force what she had freely given to Raven; no mere Viking would break the vows of never-ending love between them.