Book Review of Touched by a Vampire: Discovering the Hidden Messages in the Twilight Saga

Touched by a Vampire: Discovering the Hidden Messages in the Twilight Saga
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Very good book, especially for teens who are Christians who might have read the books or are interested in them, perhaps. If you have teenagers who've read them/want to read them, I highly recommend this book. I am a grown woman with little kids who got "dragged" into reading the Twilight series after the first couple movies had already come out. I thoroughly enjoyed the books, but even remember thinking (particularly about Eclipse) I wouldn't want my daughter to read these as a teenager. I think having had experience with love & marriage, you can see that these books are FICTION - that the idea of soul-mates is (to me) an unrealistic and dangerous one and that much of Bella's obsession with Edward smacks of codependency to me! But, nevertheless, as an escape into a fictional world, I (like most women who've read them) love Stephanie Meyer's characters and enjoyed watching their love progress from infatuation to marriage to defending their child against threats, etc.
That being said, this book does not condemn the Twilight series, even applauds certain aspects of it, but takes a very realistic look at why we should be careful about allowing our daughters (and our sons)to immerse themselves in this type of literature without engaging them in some honest discussion at the same time. She includes some insightful questions to start conversations about the books' themes and gives a thorough detailed review of each book, should you not wish to read them but still want to know what they contain. Good biblically-based critique as well. On the whole a quick, enjoyable read as it reaffirmed my Christian beliefs about love, passion and the hope of new life!
I agree with the previous reviewer who said this would make a good stand-alone book!