Book Review of Stain of Guilt (Hidden Faces, Bk 2)

Stain of Guilt (Hidden Faces, Bk 2)
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Totally got this book for the ratings. When I read the inside cover, I told my husband I dont think I want to read this book. We usually read christian mystery. However this one hit home. When I read the whereabouts of the book, I said I couldnt read it because I was actually raised in the town that she used in the book. I did read the book and really enjoyed it.

As I was reading it I did find myself going wait now where is that at. You must realize though when I lived in Redding, Ca it was almost 40 yrs ago, so things have changed a bit. So for me it was wait what did that used to be, what used to be out there.

I really enjoyed the book, I will probably do some searches on the author and see what else she has to offer. I liked the way she kept my interest. Then gave me a little what for in the end.