Book Review of A Catered Tea Party (A Mystery With Recipes)

A Catered Tea Party (A Mystery With Recipes)
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A Catered Tea Party is the 12th book in the A Mystery with Recipes series by Isis Crawford. Bernie and Libby are back. This time they are trying to help their friend Casper when he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of supposed billionaire Ludvoc Zalinsky. Zalinsky was a horrible man, and everyone disliked him, but someone is trying to frame Casper for electrocuting him with a tea kettle and making off with a 2 million dollar teapot. The girl have got some serious sleuthing to do and of course some serious cooking to do also!

I want to preface my review by saying this is the first book in this series I have read. Their might be some backstory and character dynamics that I am unaware of, but boy those sisters were some major whiners. Especially Libby. She also seemed stupid. Is that her normal character? It was annoying. The other sister, Bernie' was more likable, but a little rude. I think the author was going for spunky, but it definitely crossed the line. Their father was dating a woman they didn't like, and they acted like spoiled, little children about it. The man is old enough to make his own mistakes. Back off!

The plot was a little weird. I didn't actually understand a lot of why things were happening. Some of it was so completely unbelievable that it was about impossible to suspend my disbelief. I didn't figure out the end though. And the end was pretty exciting

The ending was exciting and I didn't figure out everything before the end. So, the mystery portion of the plot was interesting, and not overly simple. But I don't think I will be reading the rest of this series. I have heard that the earlier books are a lot better, but if this is where it ends I'll pass.