Book Review of To Ride Pegasus (Pegasus, Bk 1)

To Ride Pegasus (Pegasus, Bk 1)
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"To Ride Pegasus" - When Henry Darrow, a highly paid psychic, has a car accident, he finds scientifically supportable evidence that he has the ability to foresee the future. He also perceives that there are others who have extra-sensory abilities. He knows that at present few believe in "unproven" psychic powers; but that that will soon change, and when it does, Darrow has to make sure those like him are protected from persecution and exploitation. So he must start an organization that is beholden to no one, not dependent on any government or any one individual, and will stand the test of timebut the Parapsychic Center must also protect the public from Talents who would misuse their powers.

"A Womanly Talent" - As the Center fights to establish itself in the face of predjudice and politics, Ruth Horvath must deal with her own jealousy. Her husband is a powerful precognitive, and her newborn child is already the world's strongest telepath. Yet, although all the tests show that Ruth should have psi Talent, she sees no signs of ituntil a family friend (and the Center's most important benefactor) falls ill, causing Ruth to reveal a Talent never seen before; a very small ability to do very big things.

"Apple" - In a world of overcrowding and poverty, it is inevitable that some Talents will use their abilities for crime. Yet the public perception of the Talents must be spotless, or old hatreds so recently overcome will emerge again. So when a high-profile crime spree threatens to turn the mob against the Talented, everyone has to get involved to solve this case.

"A Bridle for Pegasus" - The massive mega-city of Jerhattan is threatening to boil over with ethnic tensions. In the midst of this growing chaos, a new Talent is discovereda young woman who is unaware of her power. She can calm a crowd, or whip them into a frenzy; and the city's biggest rabble-rouser is hunting for her!