Book Review of The Vampire's Seduction (Savannah Vampire, Bk 1)

The Vampire's Seduction (Savannah Vampire, Bk 1)
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An interesting mix of vampirism and voodoo, set in the south, Savannah GA. The vampires are vampires and have no issues with who they are,(some current books are way too reflective) and have values.There are two main characters, one William is an old European vamp, the other Jack is a Nascar loving southern man. Each has dark shadows form their previous human lives. They are both sexual and lusty and show respect women. Everything seems good for them until William's sadistic sire Reedrek shows up. A voodoo princess and her descendants have pledged their loyalty to William and his line, now can they work together to end Reedrek's plan's ?
For a first novel this was very well done and a real page turner. I am stating the second now, I just couldn't wait... good story telling