Book Review of If... (Questions For The Game of Life)

If... (Questions For The Game of Life)
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What a great conversation starter this book is. With three teenagers at home we make it a habit to eat dinner together at the dining room table every night that somebody doesn't have something else going on outside the house (basketball practice, wrestling practice, lessons, etc.) Keeping my kids engaged was easier with the help of this book.

Rather than just "how was your day?" and the rote response of "fine." We take turns picking a question from the book and asking everyone at the table. It helped keep the lines of communication open and generated some lively discussions.

My kids even instigate this when we have "extras" over for meals. Anytime we sit down at the dining room table the kids will pick up the book (conveniently left next to the napkins) and read a question.

I'd highly recommend this for any household, but especially those households with kids.