Book Review of 245 Days- Signed

245 Days- Signed
245 Days- Signed
Author: Isabelle Peterson
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Hooked me in from the start. Has the College professor/Student forbidden-Ness but has their connection right from the start that will build their real love. It would be real love if they had to literally have to wait 245 days to be in public together as a couple and not his their love. Secrets will be revealed for a couple of suppressed characters. Many hot Male on Male scenes.

Taylor 'TJ' knew he was gay since 13 but been afraid to tell his mom and step father this (his step father is a good guy that had some tough choices, he might sound strict but isn't when TJ comes out). TJ never had a bf and still the big 'V'. Senior in college and meets Ashley at a bar before knowing the bad luck.
Ashley, a Californian moved to Connecticut to escape a troubled past and his new job is to fill in for a professor that's on maternity leave. Before his first day on the job he runs into the guy he was checking out at the mall trying on jeans. What luck he has that hot guy is in the same bar he just happens to visit for the first time... things go great but crash when TJ happened to be in Mr. Brennan business class....