Book Review of Swine Not?

Swine Not?
Swine Not?
Author: Jimmy Buffett
Genre: Humor & Entertainment
Book Type: Hardcover
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Jimmy Buffett was presented with this idea, complete with photos by Helen Bransford, and he thought about it, and asked himself, "Swine Not?" - and this story was born.

Helen told Jimmy that it was based on something that actually happened...but a pig in a four-star hotel in New York City?

SWINE NOT? is a very entertaining romp told from the alternating points of view of Rumpy, the pig, and Barley, her boy owner. Rumpy is a pot-bellied pig who accompanies her human family to New York when they move there, and she has an agenda of her own. She heard that her brother, Lukie, is in New York City, and she is determined to find him.

They live in a glass box-like unit at the top of a fancy high-rise hotel. The hotel chef has a special affinity for pork, and he's sharpening his knives and dusting off his recipes with Rumpy in mind. Keeping Rumpy hidden is a challenging proposition that keeps the whole family on alert.

This story is not quite what I expected from the old pirate, but Jimmy Buffett tells a good tale in this light-hearted adventure that will appeal to all ages. The characters are compelling and the action never stops. It's a quick read that is highly recommended for reluctant readers.