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The Eclectic Pen - Allow Me To Introduce Myself

By: Jessica M. (Greenfairy331)  
Date Submitted: 6/17/2008
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Words: 737

  I am a complex mash of chaos in an orderly, secretorial type way. Accept me in my precise messiness.
I am not pretty. Help me see the beauty in the traits I share with my sister.
I am indecisive. Be able to take the reigns, but try not to run me over.
I am lost. Have direction and a plan, but don't be afraid of occasionally getting lost with me.
I love a God I can no longer hear or feel. Be my saving grace as well as a fellow imperfect soul.
I am afraid of change. Force me to never get too comfortable, but allow me to yearn for the past.
I avoid conflict, but will scrap if it is the only way. Encourage my fighting spirit, but don't let me kid myself that I am tough.
I am still such a child. Help me to grow, but jump in puddles with me too.
I am an idealist. Give me the occasional dose of hard reality, but don't crush me.
I have learned the hard way to trust my instincts. Never give me a reason to burn your picture, but keep me on my toes.
I see the best in people. Teach me that this is not always wise, but accept that sometimes it is.
I swear a lot. Keep me from turning the air blue in the wrong company, but curse like a sailor with me when the only thing to say is, "fuckin' a."
I have a movie rental obsession. Nurture this to a healthy degree, but don't allow me to waste my life away watching movies.
I have weird sleep patterns. Be able to coax me to sleep or stay awake and talk to me for as long as it takes.
I think into things far too much. Never give me a reason to distrust you, but be mysterious.
I want to travel the world. Understand that while sometimes I will, I will not always want you to accompany me.
I can very easily lose myself in another. Ensure that I always remain my own person, but let me adore you too.
I love to read. Try to understand why I love to, but it would be even better if you loved to yourself.
I am very negative about myself. Build me up, but mean what you say.
I believe in love that it meant to be. Be my one and only, but don't pretend.
I don't deal well with heartache. Don't break my heart, but if you must, do it like a man and be considerate.
I am impulsive. Teach me the difference between good and bad impluses--but let me do what I want in the end.
I fear that I will be jealous for the rest of my life. Lead by example and show me I have no reason to be jealous, but be a little possessive over me.
I need friends. Need friends also, but don't hold them up higher than me.
I voice my opinions often without being asked. See this as a positive trait, but tell me to shut up if you feel like it.
I am interested in art, music, literature and sports. I want you to be a Renaissance man, but don't be too in touch with your feminine side.
I develop very real crushes on fictional characters. Be able to argue that you are far more charming than Mr. Darcy, more adventurous than Sirius Black, more devoted than Romeo Montegue and braver than Leonidus, but don't get too full of yourself.
I can't stand being hot. Accept that I will complain. Just accept it.
I give really good back rubs. Let me rub yours without feeling that you have to reciprocate, but I expect the same from you.
I love to cry during movies and books. Be okay with the fact that I get emotionally attached very fact, and don't try to pretend you don't think it's cute.
I intend to be there for my friends until the day I die. Be comfortable with being second priority some of the time, but don't let me take advantage of you.
I have a hard time letting my guard down. Let me know it is okay to do it, but remind me that getting hurt is inevitable in life.
I believe in forever. Be my forever, don't let me down.

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Marta J. (booksnob) - 6/18/2008 9:45 AM ET
This is just wonderful. Oh, for that perfect man... I really enjoyed this!
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