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Topic: altered request dates

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Subject: altered request dates
Date Posted: 9/27/2007 9:38 AM ET
Member Since: 10/10/2006
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i have been getting several instances of altered request dates.  the latest involves a book i requested on 9-16 with no response.  when i checked the transaction details, i discovered that i was correct.  however the request date had been changed to 9-22.  how does this happen?  i don't understand.  if she couldn't get it out by the deadline, all she had to do was pm me and let me know that it would be late.  i would have agreed, but i don't like the highhanded way she just changed it.  i just pm'd her that if i hadn't received the book in 2 days i would consider cancelling the whole thing.  what do others do about this?  it has happened to me 3 times, so i have to presume others have had the same issue.  what do you do?  help.  thanks, linda

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Date Posted: 9/27/2007 9:56 AM ET
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But i don't like the highhanded way she just changed it.

Once a person agrees on a mail by date for a book they can not "alter" it. They may cancel the order, but they can not change the date they agreed to mail by. If the person either cancelled the request or the book did not mail out in time, the request is cancelled by the system and it moves on to the next person in the FIFO line.  It appears that the 9/16 request was cancelled and you've moved on to the next one. You can check your transaction archive to verify this.

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Angie -
Date Posted: 9/27/2007 10:05 AM ET
Member Since: 2/24/2007
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 i would have agreed, but i don't like the highhanded way she just changed it.  i just pm'd her that if i hadn't received the book in 2 days i would consider cancelling the whole thing.

If she has printed the mailer and marked it mailed, you can't cancel it anyways.

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Date Posted: 9/27/2007 10:17 AM ET
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Look in your transaction archive and I bet you find that the original orders are NOT the same as the final orders. I haven't seen a way for the sender to alter request dates in the system. I bet FIFO moved your order down and this poor person just got the order. I suggest a kindly worded apology PM before you get your order cancelled and have to wait out FIFO some more.

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Date Posted: 9/27/2007 10:23 AM ET
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if you order a book and the person you order it from doesn't respond within 5 days it goes to the next person who has that book to send to you. I have had this happen and it isn' t a problem until the book you wanted was the only one in the system.

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Date Posted: 9/27/2007 10:35 AM ET
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Check your Club Communications. You may have something like this telling you what happened:


  Email to Member
Date: 9/27/2007 3:22 AM ET
Subject: Your book request for 'Death Train to Boston : A Fremont Jones Mystery' has been canceled
Message: Dear Charlie,

You recently requested the book titled 'Death Train to Boston : A Fremont Jones Mystery' by Dianne Day. We have sent multiple emails to the member from whom you requested it, and have not received a response. Because the sender has not responded, we have canceled the request and returned the book credit to your account.

As you know, the success of the club is dependent upon all of us being committed to sharing books in a timely manner. As a courtesy to you, we have placed this book on your Wish List. Should it become available in the future, you will be notified.

For help with any aspect of the site, please visit our Help area, by clicking the link below:



All the best and happy reading,

The PaperBackSwap Team
Visit us at http://www.paperbackswap.com/
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Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
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Date Posted: 9/27/2007 12:27 PM ET
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i just pm'd her that if i hadn't received the book in 2 days i would consider cancelling the whole thing. 

Nobody can change a request date. This is a new request that was generated after the first one was canceled. It could have been canceled by the first member, by yourself or by the system. You have probably PM'ed a totally innocent person who just got the new request on 9/22 and fully intends to send you the book.

You need to go to the Help Center and read this item: Why did the *Requested on:* date change on my request?

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Date Posted: 9/27/2007 12:30 PM ET
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I was on the receiving end of a PM from a person confused about this.   I received a message chastising me for not mailing - I'd had the request for a total of about 2 hours at that point.    I was patient and managed to explain, but it was a little frustrating.

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Date Posted: 9/27/2007 1:08 PM ET
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i just pm'd her that if i hadn't received the book in 2 days i would consider cancelling the whole thing.

You placed the original order on 9/16, you created this thread on 9/27, and you were expecting to receive the book by 9/29? That's not giving the post office enough time to do their job even if the book HAD been mailed by the first requester! PBS allows 30 days for a book to arrive after all - if we cancelled all requests where the book didn't arrive at the 10 day point, we'd have a real problem here.

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Date Posted: 9/29/2007 7:50 PM ET
Member Since: 10/10/2006
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thanks, everybody.  i will pm her again, and i am glad i was polite in the first one.  however, it is the 29th and she hasn't mailed it yet.  i am really glad for the education.  have a great weekend, y'all.  linda

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Date Posted: 9/29/2007 8:01 PM ET
Member Since: 5/29/2007
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If the second person got the request on the 22nd, they have 5 days to answer (the 27th), and then they can pick a date (help me people) 5 days out? from when they accept, which means that, potentially, the 2nd person has until Oct. 2 to mark it mailed, which means PBS will give it until at least mid-late october to get to you, so I think, if I'm reading your original post correctly, you're jumping the gun quite a bit. 

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Date Posted: 9/29/2007 9:09 PM ET
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Do be sure you look again, Linda, as it could have gone to yet a 3rd person!

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