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Topic: Before I mark this book received,......

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Subject: Before I mark this book received,......
Date Posted: 9/1/2007 4:17 PM ET
Member Since: 7/24/2005
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......please give me your opinion.  This mass market paperback has two places on the edges of the pages, places that I will call 'stained."  

On the top end of the book's pages are two red streaks, each about one-inch long, that, when the pages are opened, appear to be something like marks made by a red felt marking pen.   And the red marks seem to have bled about 3/4 inch into the top of each page, with about 44 pages being affected.  These red streaks appear to be random and accidental and are not marks, in my opinion, that are sometimes placed by a used book store or bookseller.

The "stain" on the bottom edges of the book's pages is quite small and dark, something like (at the very best) chocolate.  This stain is almost completely confined to the very edges of the pages.

While the book is completely readable, my opinion is that the book does not strictly adhere to the posting guidelines.  On the other hand, I almost feel like I'm being too picky.  I think I've lost my ability to be objective.

I appreciate your thoughts.


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Date Posted: 9/1/2007 4:47 PM ET
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I'd say if the marks have bled 3/4 inch into the page, they're stains rather than acceptable markings.

Does the book appear water damaged?

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Date Posted: 9/1/2007 4:48 PM ET
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PBS book conditions state, "Not soiled" and "No stains."    I would mark the book "received with a problem." 

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Date Posted: 9/1/2007 5:06 PM ET
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To me the book is not postable and I  also would mark it "received with a problem"

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Date Posted: 9/1/2007 5:32 PM ET
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Technically it's not postable, but I probaby wouldn't mark it recieved with a problem.

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Date Posted: 9/2/2007 8:31 AM ET
Member Since: 4/22/2005
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I wouldn't mark it with a problem, but then, I'm not as picky as most people around here.

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Date Posted: 9/2/2007 10:04 AM ET
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I'm sorry, I just don't see it as a matter of being "picky".  It's just about following the rules.  The rules are not optional. 

Even if the book didn't have the red marks at the top, I would say it was unpostable because of the other stain.   It could have been blood from a paper cut, and that would be just gross.

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Date Posted: 9/2/2007 11:10 PM ET
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Ok, this book is from me.  I have excellant feedback and have mailed and received many books from here.  I just received the pm from her about this, and immediately have told her to ship it back to me and I would send her the postage for it. That's all it took. Not posting about it, etc. just a pm. No big questions, big discussions,drama, etc....just a simple pm to the person who sent it, which was answered immediately.

Now....I have never mailed a book in this condition, so I'm more than anxious to see it. Rather than give credit for it, I'd actually rather pay for the shipping to see it, because I did not mail a book out in this condition, and I never have. I havn't had chocolate in two years, because of the diet I'm on.....so heck if I missed out on a bit of chocolate on a book, I'd like to see it lol.


Do you know how many books i have asked for and received that had everything from coffee stains, smoke smells, mold and mildew, rips and pen and crayon marks in them ? From some very well known people on PBS also....

and I never said a word. Because I wanted to read the book, and I enjoyed reading the book, and if I wasn't able to repost it for some awful reason, I passed it on to a friend, or I sold it at a garage sale.  No big deal. When I have two hundred books on my bookshelf, one didn't really matter, and I was able to enjoy reading something I wanted to read.


I realize not everyone is alike. I  will most likely not even come back here to check this forum again, because I've played the forums games for years, and when a person steps up to the plate and says something they feel, the 'click' usually eats them alive. So you may all now have a feast while I'm gone lol. 


I just request that if the book is going to be returned, that you please do not read it. Unless you already have. That wouldn't be very fair now would it ?  If you have read the book already...... then you must mark it as received, because I have made the offer of a reimbursment for the shipping.

Thanks ;o)

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L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 9/3/2007 2:44 AM ET
Member Since: 9/5/2005
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Jan, nothing wrong with asking for input - we all learn from it.   I think we all have also probably received a book that was borderline between postable and not.   It's hard to tell from your description - I would have to see a photo to tell if I'd mark it received with a problem, or not.  Either way, you should probably do what your gut tells you to do - sometimes we are our own best judge. :)


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Date Posted: 9/3/2007 4:31 PM ET
Member Since: 7/24/2005
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Thank you all for your opinions.  I do appreciate them.  The red stains on the top of the book's pages and the dark smudge on the bottom of the book's pages are precisely as I described them.  I still have the paper in which the book was wrapped, and there is no "red" on the thin gray wrapping paper that would indicate that the package came in contact with something like red ink which bled through the wrapping onto the book while the package was in transit.

In her first pm to me last night, she (who we all know now is Cheryl) said:  I'm sorry, I must have had blinders on when I mailed it.   However, she also said in one of the other four pm's she later sent:   I've received 20-30 books that were either torn, smelled heavily of smoke, had writing in the pages, some in crayon, etc. I've always marked them as received  (without a problem).  

I'm sorry if this sender received this book from another member with those stains on it, but she should have marked it "Received with a problem," as this book (in the condition in which I received it) does not meet PBS posting guidelines.   The posting rules, which I have re-read, state in the OVERALL CONDITION section, "No Stains."  The rules do not say, "small stains are okay."  There is no gray area in the posting guidelines as far as stains are concerned.  So, to answer my own question to myself, I don't think I'm being picky.   A book is either stained or it is not stained.  (Cookbooks are exempted from this stringent rule if posting instructions are strictly adhered to.)

I do not expect to receive books that are in like-new condition, but I'm very pleased when I do get them.  The books that I send and receive are primarily mass market paperbacks.  I do not keep them; I read them and re-post them.  So I'm just looking for books that meet PBS posting guidelines so that I can re-post when I'm through reading them.

But the buck (book) stops here with this wishlisted DRAW DOWN THE DARKNESS by Naomi Bellis.  I will not re-post it.  And  another thing the Help Center says:  I am not required to return the book to the sender. 

The sender made additional disparaging remarks in her final pm to me regarding my post and all the regular posters in the forums.  While I don't often offer my opinion in the forums, I have, from time to time, asked several questions in the Questions About Paperbackswap forum, and I have always gotten prompt accurate answers from the posters.  And I greatly appreciate the help.



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L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 9/3/2007 5:44 PM ET
Member Since: 9/5/2005
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Jan, you are correct in that you are under no obligation to return the book to the sender,  and you are correct in that "no stains" is not subjective.  You'll probably just have to chalk this one up to experience and take a hit on the credit .  It stinks, but whatcha gonna do? :)

As an aside: My concern with stains that "look like chocolate" is that it could also be dried blood.  I have received a few of those here as well, and they always go in the trash - no chance taking any risk. 

Good luck with your future swaps! :)

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