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Book Reviews of Body Surfing

Body Surfing
Body Surfing
Author: Anita Shreve
ISBN-13: 9780316059855
ISBN-10: 0316059854
Publication Date: 4/24/2007
Pages: 304
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

3.5 stars, based on 186 ratings
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Book Type: Hardcover
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44 Book Reviews submitted by our Members...sorted by voted most helpful

Bibliocrates avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 252 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 15
This was my first Anita Shreve novel, a story about a young women, Sydney, who experiences heartache, loss, and betrayal. I was immediately captivated by the beautifully written, picturesque prose. The narrative took some getting used to, very impersonal. The book started out strong, then began to lose direction due to a weak story line. The characters and events seemed disconnected, choppy, although Sydney's character was strong, resilient. So many people rave about Anita Shreve and yet many were disappointed with this one. I'm not sure why. I enjoyed it and I look forward to reading more of her work.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 82 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 9
I just don't get it. This has got to be one of the worst books I've read in my life. Okay, the worst I've ever read, that I actually finished; how's that? I was curious, because so many people seem to like/want it. As an author and a person educated in literature, I've got to wonder at society today...we can't write/read books that require more than a moment's attention? Good grief, this author writes like she's ADD! The story went absolutely no where; it was a jumbled repetition of miscellaneous thoughts. If you were wondering (though I would say other reviewers summed it up adequately), it's about few years in the life of a woman, who is a bit lost. And she pretty much stays lost. I would say this book sums up the norm of life for most people...going about their business, making little or no progress whatsoever. That is not something to be celebrated. This book has no purpose...it neither educates or inspires! And it is severely lacking in the entertainment department, as well.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 10 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 4
I bought this book at an airport newsstand and devoured it on the plane, and again when I had any free time during my trip. It wasn't a Noble Prize winner, and at times choices made by the main character annoyed me, but it nonetheless kept me interested overall in the lives of these characters. The author also effectively moved the plot forward, so the story didn't drag out.
Modaba avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 75 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 4
I LOVE this book!!! What a great story. Anita Shreve never ceases to amaze me by creating love/life stories that are so complex, yet so authentic. Sydney is a main character of such a set of circumastances! She is human, not saintly, genuine, and indeed relative to many women. The Edwards family...ahhh, many of us have met a Mrs. Edwards...Ben and Jeff are intriguing to say the least...Julie and Mr. E are endearing. It's a great tale set in the same house that was featured in The Pilot's Wife, Fortune's Rocks, and Sea Glass. Anita Shreve is remarkable in creating tales that stem from the same geographical and in this case, architectural setting, occurring in different time periods. This is why I have chosen to read so many of Ms. Shreve's works. Many express dissatisfaction with the endings of Ms. Shreve's novels. I choose to consider them to be thought provoking and signature to Ms. Shreve. This one follows suit with that!

Wow! I simply LOVED this book!
Ladybrook avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 31 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Easy Read. Takes place on the NH coast. Main character is a woman named Sydney who's faced many challenges and tragedy before her 30th birthday. I enjoyed the book very much.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 39 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Another good read by Anita Shreve.

All of her books (that I have read so far) take place in the same house on the shore, but they're always different characters, different time periods, and different stories. I enjoy the tie in from prior novels... It's sort of fun to follow the history of this house.

This book, like her other novels, takes some unexpected twists and turns. It's an interesting piece, but not my favorite.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 34 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
I really liked the idea of this book. With the woman being involved with this family, as their daughter's tutor. And the two older sons come home to both find they have an attraction to the tutor. And all the dynamics which were to be played out for the reading.
However, when I opened this book, it almost felt too personal, as if stepping into a diary, or autobiography. It took me a few times to pick this book up and get in the rhythm of how Ms. Shreve has the paragraphs laid out - with conversation, and narative, and character thoughts. But I decided to push through it for the better. I wanted to hear the story she had to tell; and for a change of pace with other material I've been reading.
I read 'The Doctor's House' by Ann Beattie, and the rhythm and flow of 'Body Surfing' were similar. And I like how life lessons are plainly written for all to see. And its easy to relate to the actions and feelings of the characters. Learning to love. Finding individualism. Losing love. Losing a friend
reviewed Body Surfing on + 51 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I usually like Anita Shreve's books, and was a little disappointed in the beginning when it seemed a very predictable sort of story. However, the twists and turns came along and I ended up feeling it was up to Shreve's usual high standards.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 67 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
One of the best books I've read in a long time. I'm surprised by some of the other reviews listed here because I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the first page to the last. The story drew me in quickly, and I was annoyed anytime I was interrupted from reading it.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 275 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This book was fabulous Anita Shreve. It's a New England story of a young woman who tutors for a family and the enduring involvement that employment begins. I won't say more because I'd give the story away, but I'd highly recommend this book.
JTG avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 280 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I loved this one: I always love Anita Shreve's books: she has a wonderful writing style.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 73 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is the story of a young woman - Sydney - who spends the summer tutoring a girl named Julie while staying with the girl's family at their beach house. Julie's brothers come to visit and the realationships that form between Sydney and the brothers as well as those she has with the other family members is what the story focuses on.

I love this author and this book stays with her usual page-turner style of writing.
anastasia avatar reviewed Body Surfing on
Helpful Score: 1
I read this book on a short vacation, and found it to be an easy read. The main character has been married twice, once divorced and then became a widow. She then joins a family at their beach cottage in New Hampshire as a tutor for their daughter. The book explores her relationships with this family and deals with loss, friendship, marriage, and love.

If you enjoy family drama books, this is a good one.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 7 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I read this book in 36 hours. It was a compelling story that takes place at a New England beach house. There is lots of romance and complicated personal relationships.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 3 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Very real characters, I like how it's set in the same house as The Pilot's Wife.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 2 more book reviews
Read it in two days, really engaging!
glowbuggreen avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 13 more book reviews
I liked it initially and felt like it had a lot of potential. But honestly, the book fizzled into nothing very impressive. She didn't really develop any of the male interest characters so I found that I didn't care much about what happened to her in her love life. However, I did like Shreve's portrait of the father in the book. It is rare to see! Overall, I wouldn't recommend it over her others like Fortune's Rocks or Light on Snow.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 3 more book reviews
Typical Anita Shreve. Enjoyable, quick read and very predictable. Enjoyed reading about the scenery. Love the area of Boston and the Atlantic coast, so was a treat to hear that described. Not one of Shreve's best efforts, but mindless reading.
reviewed Body Surfing on
As Anita Shreve's books tend to do, this one "grabs" the reader at the very beginning. Characters are real-life people; setting is beautifully described in much detail.
A great beach read.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 2 more book reviews
Beautiful story ... one of my favorites! This is one I looked forward to the opportunity to read more. I love, love, love the characters and thoroughly enjoyed this read!
reviewed Body Surfing on + 4 more book reviews
I wasn't a big fan of The Pilot's Wife, and I'm not sure I liked this book much better. It was an interesting story and well developed, but not really a captivating story.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 5 more book reviews
great beach read. easy, fast. makes you want to keep going back!
reviewed Body Surfing on + 7 more book reviews
I didn't like the way the book was written. It reminded me of Dick and Jane. However, I did finish it and it kept me entertained. But, I sure was glad when it ended.
Bookwork-Missy avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 16 more book reviews
Anita Shreve never disappoints.
JeanneKay avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 29 more book reviews
I loved this book! I could not put it down! I think that Anita Shreve is an amazing writer, but sometimes do not like the way she ends her stories!
lindakr avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 9 more book reviews
I really felt the emotion of the main character, Sydney. She began as an employee and became a part of the family as the story unfolds. This book was a quick and easy read.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 11 more book reviews
Nice plot, but Shreve's writing style in this was very frustrating. A lot of short paragraphs with hanging thoughts with a bit too much unsaid.
holtzy avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 48 more book reviews
Not your typical story, it kept me going till the end. Great insight into families and there issues.
Readnmachine avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 1332 more book reviews
Family dynamics play a huge role in this novel about a young woman who takes a summer job tutoring a wealthy family's daughter for her college SATs. When she finds herself sexually attracted to one of the family's sons, the notion of class and her own romantic past complicate matters.
augieandlourock avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 117 more book reviews
I liked this book about a women who goes to the beach and falls in love with 2 brothers and the choices she has to make.another good story from Anita Shreve.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 8 more book reviews
This novel was so entertaining and fun about life and its dilemmas and decisions! I read Anita Shreve as much as possible!
reviewed Body Surfing on + 272 more book reviews
This book was good. It was a nice easy read and hard to put down. It had a surprising twist to it. I really enjoy Shreve's books!
reviewed Body Surfing on + 17 more book reviews
This book was good but a bit slow to start off. I love all Anita's books and this did end up being a good one, you just have to stick with it.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 174 more book reviews
This one was OK
reviewed Body Surfing on + 15 more book reviews
Like her other books, Shreve brings in references to the beach house from prior stories.
margaretlee avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 171 more book reviews
This is the second of Shreve's novels I've listened to and it's just as compelling...she's a wonderful storyteller and the characters are multi-dimensional and very believable. Some interesting surprises in the plot, which keeps you engaged. I LOVED THIS BOOK!
reviewed Body Surfing on + 2 more book reviews
Her books are captivating. I have difficulty putting them down after I start to read one.
reviewed Body Surfing on
Very slow and hard to read. I felt like the story was somewhat vague with details and character's feelings. Wouldn't recommend.
reviewed Body Surfing on
good summer read
IlliniAlum83 avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 178 more book reviews
Loved this story.......though I am never partial to romances, this one hit home with me almost immediately. So glad my bookclub read it. Maybe the beach house theme was just what I needed for my first read of the summer!
In this novel, Shreve plucks Syndney from her sad life and plops her down in the middle of a family summering on the NH coast where she is paid to tutor their 18 year old daughter, Julie, entering her senior of HS. Mrs Edwards' expectations for an Ivy League placement are unreasonable, with Julie's delays in multiple subjects. Sydney eventually draws her out and discovers Julie's untapped talent.
Enter the 2 handsome, educated sons of Boston who come for a long weekend at the beach. Jeff and Ben both have eyes for the young widow who seems to have settled into the role of daughter with their father. Her relationship with Mrs Edwards, however, is shaky at best.

The book title, Body Surfing, is a metaphor for Sydney's life, with the tide pushing and pulling her to and fro. Read this Shreve novel which will touch your heart and possibly bring you to tears!
reviewed Body Surfing on + 9 more book reviews
Good characters. Another good book about real characters that struggle with things, make mistakes and move forward.
Angeleyes avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 217 more book reviews
This book was a good read but it never seemed to really get into the characters. I always felt just a pinch removed from the characters almost like they were two dimensional and I never really understood the reasons for the story. Not difficult to follow, just not completely flushed out.
reviewed Body Surfing on + 3 more book reviews
Fast moving. My first taste of Anita Shreve. My interest has been peaked to read others.
everydayreader avatar reviewed Body Surfing on + 19 more book reviews
As usual Anita Shreve's books are great.
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