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Topic: Conditions placed on swaps

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Subject: Conditions placed on swaps
Date Posted: 9/11/2007 1:46 PM ET
Member Since: 8/16/2007
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Hi, I'm fairly new to the site, but I don't particulary like swapping my books for someone who puts conditions on the swap. If I refuse the request, can I state that I don't accept conditions, or do I have to say something like my book doesn't meet your conditions? I'd just like to know how to handle this properly...thanks, KE

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 1:57 PM ET
Member Since: 1/22/2007
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when someone requests a book from me and they have conditions listed I cannot meet I tell them why it doesn't meet conditions.

hope that helps  :)


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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 1:59 PM ET
Member Since: 8/16/2007
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Thanks, it just makes me nervous to send books to people with conditions when the book may be in good shape to meet the requirements here, but they may feel like it doesn't meet their conditions. Hope that makes sense!

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 2:25 PM ET
Member Since: 5/28/2007
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Out of curiosity, how will I know if someone has conditions?  Will it be visible when I receive the order? Obviously this hasn't been a problem for me yet, but its bound to come up.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 2:31 PM ET
Member Since: 2/28/2007
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You'll know if the person has conditions because it will list the conditions before you can even accept the transaction.  There's an extra step you have to go through to approve that your book meets the requestor's you'll know it when it happens.

I usually agree to send books if the requestor has conditions, because they are usually reasonable, like, no books from homes with pets or smoking.  If the requests are ridiculous, though, don't hesitate to turn the person down.  I always give a reason when that happens.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 2:52 PM ET
Member Since: 7/14/2007
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Lisa's right.  Also, if you send a book that doesn't meet thier conditions, they can withhold the credit.

If someone's conditions are worded in such a way (too strict, too subjective) as to make me think they'll withhold credit, I just click that my book doesn't meet conditions.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 2:56 PM ET
Member Since: 8/30/2005
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Help Center has this info:

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 4:10 PM ET
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Kristy, is it someone that has lots of conditions or just one or two that might be due to allergies?  I know some people cannot have a book that comes from a smoking houseshold because of allergies.  It is a reasonable request.  most people probably won't have conditions but if they do hopefully they are reasonable and you won't have to refuse the request. 

now if we are talking about long and extended conditions, some people just automatically refuse those because they are afraid the receiver will find something wrong with the book.  Hopefully there aren't too many of those type requestors out there.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 4:17 PM ET
Member Since: 3/25/2006
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And sometimes conditions are for special packaging requests - they don't really deal with the books at all. People with bad arthritis might request that books not be totally wrapped in tape. Others might request plastic wrappers since they live in rainy areas.

It's a bit unfair to reject a request if that's the type of "condition" that's communicated.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 5:14 PM ET
Member Since: 12/26/2005
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I agree with Kathleen.  Rejecting a politely worded, straightforward condition out of hand really doesn't help anyone.  Most of the conditions I see on actual book requests are perfectly reasonable.  If I can meet them, I accept the request.  If they're allergic to cats, I decline the request. 

Occasionally I'll turn down a request because the conditions seem over the top, but those are pretty rare, despite what you may read in the forums. 

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 5:28 PM ET
Member Since: 6/10/2007
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You're free to reject a request just because there is a condition attached to it. That's your decision. I only hope you realize that you, too, will lose out on swaps because of it.

Why would it bother you (if you don't smoke) that I (for example) can't accept books coming from smoking households? How would that impact your life?

It makes no difference to me, and clearly my condition is not keeping me from getting books. I've got almost 140 books from here already, and have only been turned down twice due to my condition. I've only sent out 22 so far (I buy a lot of credits, what can I say?), and have had TWO conditions presented to me. Clearly, not a big deal here.

I can understand not wanting to send to people who demand pristine, "giftable" books, but to allergic people? Or someone who wants the dust jacket for their collector's books?

Obviosuly the founders saw good reason to allow requestor conditions. I'm not sure why some make such a big deal out of other people's preferences.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 5:41 PM ET
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Why would it matter if you can say you don't accept conditions instead of saying the book doesn't meet the requested conditions? Just mark it doesn't meet the conditions and move on. I find it odd that people are set against conditions in general, but as others have stated, you can chose to send (or not send) your books to whoever you chose. It may reduce your chances of swapping here because many of us do have smoking and pet conditions.

I can say it wouldn't make a difference to me if a trade was cancelled due to my condtions existing vs not being met. I sure wouldn't remove them because of it.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 5:43 PM ET
Member Since: 2/5/2007
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I certainly have changed my mind since I first joined PBS.  When I first heard of conditions, I thought "why bother" to send a book if a person had conditions.  Just didn't think it was worth my time and effort.

HOWEVER - As I read and learned I changed my mind completely.  Having conditions are perfectly fine with the owners of the site and I've learned there are a multitude of reasons for having them.            Now if I get a request that has a condition attached,  I read the condition carefully,  and if my book meets the condition, I send it.           Live and learn!!

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 6:34 PM ET
Member Since: 2/16/2006
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Also, if you send a book that doesn't meet thier conditions, they can withhold the credit.

This is not accurate, unless things have changed in the last few weeks.  I have received books that don't meet my conditions (My condition is that books meek PBS posting guidelines), and my credit was still given to the sender. 

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 6:45 PM ET
Member Since: 1/29/2006
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Danielle is is still given.

From the Help Center on dealing with "Official" problems: (RC Violations fall into this category)

Books that arrive with one of the "official" problems listed above (Wrong book/inappropriate item ie ARC, Damaged, Damaged by USPS, Requestor Conditions Violation) need to be marked "Received, but with a problem" from the En Route to Me tab in My Account. 

  • On the next screen:
    • At the top of the page:You can send a Personal Message to the sender to discuss the problem.
      • Please be gentle!  No one wants to send a problem book.
      • Your Personal Message should mention the title of the book, and it can also ask for the sender to refund the credit, if you feel this is warranted.
      • Please remember that it is possible that you did not receive the problem book from that sender. 
        • If an earlier sender sent a book but never marked it mailed, you could be getting 2 copies of this book, and the "problem" copy would not necessarily be the active transaction on your En Route to Me tab.
        • Please see the Help item I received 2 copies of the same book! for more information about this situation.
      • At the bottom of the page: type in a description of the problem.  This information will be seen only by us.  It is very helpful to be as specific as possible.
    • Click Continue.
  • Doing this grants credit to the sender; it also records a Problem swap on his or her account record.
    • We will not adjudicate individual problem swaps
    • We will intervene if a sender's account shows a pattern of problem sending

 If a member (sender or requestor) is rude or abusive during a PM exchange about a book, we can be notifiedWe will review the PM exchange and take action commensurate to the offense.

Additionally, the HC says this about dealing with RC Violations:

Requestor Conditions Violations:

A Requestor Conditions Violation at PBS is a book that was sent despite the fact that it does not meet the Requestor Conditions you applied to your account, and that appeared on the request when the sender accepted it.

  • First, please check your Account Settings to be sure that your Requestor Conditions are set to show on requests you make.
  • If your Requestor Conditions are vague or difficult to interpret, you may have repeated difficulty with this.
  • If the book is in clear violation of your Requestor Conditions, you should ask the sender for your credit back.


RCs are an allowable, acceptable feature of the club.  People who use them are not doing anything "wrong" (which is just a feeling I get sometimes)  I agree with those saying that rejecting them just because they are there doesn't really help anything.  OTOH, if your book really can't meet (I can't sent to pet allergies, for example) the RC, they are vague or, you feel, unreasonable then, by all means, decline.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 6:48 PM ET
Member Since: 1/29/2006
Posts: 54,837
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Occasionally I'll turn down a request because the conditions seem over the top, but those are pretty rare, despite what you may read in the forums. 

I think that's a fair point, Cindy.  I think the over the top ones get a lot of "press", so it seems that they are common.  RCs themselves really aren't that common, although I do seem to get them in spurts sometimes.  I also have wondered if a person with a truly over the top set of RCs doesn't go on an ordering spree, then someone mentions the RCs here and a few people will say "I got that, too!".  Just a thought, of course, but it can give the impression they are more common.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 7:36 PM ET
Member Since: 7/14/2007
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You're right Danielle.  I misspoke (miswrote?). 

A couple of conditions I've gotten lately have started with "I will not accept..." which very much leaves me with the impression that the recipient will mark the book "not recieved" if it doesn't meet conditions.  Even if I send with DC (at extra expense) they can mark it recieved with a problem - which makes me look bad.  Ironically, both recent requests were for the same book, which was bought new and read once.  I'm just not comfortable trying to satisfy someone who demands books in "like new or excellent condition only!!!!!!!!!"  

I've sent out plenty to people who request "no smoking," "no cats" etc.  Just not willing to cater to the diva crowd.

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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 7:48 PM ET
Member Since: 8/1/2007
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At first when I joined, I wondered why people would have conditions, after all, this is a used book site.  But, after receiving a few books that I cannot, in good conscience, repost, I am rethinking my original stance.  I'm realizing how precious my credits are, and I don't want to get burned and be left with a bunch of trashed books.


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Date Posted: 9/12/2007 12:14 PM ET
Member Since: 5/16/2007
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I unfortunately had to add conditions.  At first I never thought about it until I started receiving some books.  Heavy smoke will trigger my daughter's asthma and I have a serious mold allergy (moldy ones are non postable, but it happens)  I tried to be very specific in my wording so others know what and why without being too demanding.  Luckily, I have had very good luck and only been turned down once.  So I am thrilled and thankful for those who take the time to read my conditions!  I really appreicate it!!!! I am so glad that I can still get books and my daughter remains healthy!  So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those who consider requestor conditions!

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Date Posted: 9/12/2007 12:37 PM ET
Member Since: 8/2/2005
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You know, and I realize this may sound a bit harsh, but if you are really worried about sending a book to so someone that has non-health related conditions, or a long long list of conditions that you feel uncomfortable about, there is no reason why you should share your book with that person and you shouldn't be afraid to say that no, I'm sorry but my book does not meet your requested conditions. I don't feel you need to give them a detailed response as to what conditions you have a problem with, a simple no I'm sorry should suffice.

However, if you do choose to mail out a book to a person and you are concerned that they may hold your credit hostage and not mark it received, you really should be using PBS delivery confirmation on your books. Not only will you be protected if the book gets lost in the mail, but you are also guaranteed to get your credit. If you are mailing books out that meet the PBS criteria you are not "cheating" anyone and you can make the decision to give the credit back or not based on a book by book situation.

Just my two cents worth.

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Date Posted: 9/12/2007 4:36 PM ET
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I turned down a request once because the requestor did not want mass market paperbacks, only trade ones. The book she requested was listed as a mass market paperback, so I had to refuse.

I felt guilty at saying no at first but then realised, I was just following guidelines, about following RC's.

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Date Posted: 9/12/2007 4:39 PM ET
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Katherine - How odd... I wouldn't have felt guilty about turning that one down. Obviously the requester is a bit confused if he/she is requesting a MMP and stating they don't want MMP. Odd...

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Date Posted: 9/12/2007 6:03 PM ET
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As long as it's reasonable and I can accomodate it I will.  I have to admit I'd be afraid to send out a book that has multiple, very strict accomodations that I feel my book MIGHT pass, but then again, it might NOT pass in the eyes of the requester.  In that case I would probably decline and that would make me sad.   I LIKE sending out books, to me it's fun, and I'm always very happy to get that thank you message when the requester gets the book and is happy with it.  I almost always send a pm to make sure the book I have is ok.  For example, someone ordered a book that I got for my daughter at a school sale.  It was an old library book, and still had the old pocket partially torn out in the back cover of the book, a few dog eared pages, and it had been read...the pages were sturdy, the spine was perfect and the book met the good criteria, but I still checked to make sure it was ok.  I didn't want to disappoint anyone, and THAT is my main concern.  I've grown to love this site and really get as much happiness out of sending books as I do receiving them.

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Date Posted: 9/12/2007 7:22 PM ET
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> "A couple of conditions I've gotten lately have started with "I will not accept..." which very much leaves me with the 
> impression that the recipient will mark the book "not recieved" if it doesn't meet conditions.

This wording is probably just a person basing their statements off the examples in the Settings examples:

For example, you can say "I am not willing to accept books that have been around cats" or "I am not willing to receive books that are currently in a smoking home."

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Date Posted: 9/12/2007 8:23 PM ET
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I was suprised to see a "Gift Quality" condition on a request.  Seems like a rather subjective definition. Personally, I don't think a used book is gift material unless it's out of print, first edition, signed or has some other condition that makes it special. This is a USED book swap, right?

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