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In the Cut
In the Cut
Author: Susanna Moore
ISBN-13: 9780451407221
ISBN-10: 0451407229
Publication Date: 12/1/1996
Pages: 272
  • Currently 3.3/5 Stars.

3.3 stars, based on 19 ratings
Publisher: Onyx Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 3
Parts of this book could easily be considered erotica. Or porn, depending on your point of view. Either way, this very short read keeps your interest. The language can be a bit dense in places, but for me, it only served to bolster my view of the narrator as intelligent. She's a thoughful person, bordering on neurotic.

The ending came as a complete shock to me and left me with an uneasy feeling. Worth the read if you love a complex story and don't mind sexual explictness.
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This book was a wee bit disturbing.
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Wow, what a fabulous book! Yes, it was erotic, and yes, the language was crude. But it was extremely well-written, and made me laugh out loud in several places. The ending is totally different from the movie, and I prefer the book's ending. Highly recommended!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book the 'second' time I read it and even more the 3rd time around. Excellent excellent writing, witty, clever and succinct. A less talented writer could easily have droned on and on while ultimately saying the same thing. While the topic and center of the book is obviously dark its offset by the brilliant writing. I cant wait to read another book by the same author, she has easily become my favorite writer.
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Great quirky little book, with a surprise ending.
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This book is well-written, but the story is very depressing. There are several descriptions of graphic violence and sex, so be forewarned.
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A Quick read with lots of graphic sex and a pretty good story line about a cop and a teacher.
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stunning, erotic thriller
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I did not like this book at all.. hard to follow. Short and quick read but not my style.
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good erotic,sexually charged thriller. bad movie, good readable book.
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Adult content; better than the movie.
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I found "In the Cut" pretty underwhelming. As a fan of erotic crime fiction, I expected I'd like this a lot, but unfortunately it's seriously lacking in the plot department. Events are told in a vague, detached manner, which I suppose is meant to reflect on the protagonist but makes the book confusing. The sex scenes are seriously exaggerated in reviews; there's nothing shocking or even really salacious here. The ending was unexpected and creepy, which definitely earns the book some points, but hardly makes up for the bulk of it.
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It was a fascinating read in a dark way. I have to say that I really found the male lead distasteful; there was nothing likable about him. Very unexpected ending.
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I really would have enjoyed this book if the writing style had been different. I had a really hard time getting into it. However, the ending was still chilling even so.
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Frannie is a single thirty-something writer, professor of creative writing and lover of all things linguistic from New York City. Burned-out and cynical, she lives vicariously through words, until one night she witnesses an indiscreet moment between a man and a woman in a bar. When the woman turns up dead, a homicide detective with a habit of hiding himself behind anecdotes and the manners of a macho dinosaur walks into her life. Intellectually both repelled and stimulated -- and physically just the latter -- Frannie is soon taking an increasingly sinister walk on the wild side. I read this in a few hours, it's very well written as well as gripping and darkly erotic. The ending pulls no punches and will leave you shuddering with terror.
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Interesting, edgy, sexy. Not like the movie.
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I didn't really care for this book. None of the characters were likable at all. Beautiful writing though.
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Wow, excellent book. It was very sexy in a creepy/sexy sort of way. Definitely not for the faint of heart; a real page turner.
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Unusual, excellent mystery. Great ending.
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Suspenseful, erotic and what a surprise ending.
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Franny, is a divorced NYU professor deliberately closed off from emotional entanglements. She teaches a class for ghetto youth, meanwhile pursuing her obsession with language; she is writing a book recording the street vernacular and the black lingo of New York's seedier neighborhoods. Though on the surface her life seems circumscribed, she is a woman who takes risks, especially sexual risks. One night, she observes a man with a tattoo on his wrist in an act of sexual congress; though she does not see his face, she remembers the red-haired woman who had performed fellatio when she becomes a murder victim. Questioned as a possible witness by homicide detectives James Mallory and his partner Richard Rodriguez, she enjoys the frisson of danger when she takes Mallory as a lover, in spite of the fact that his wrist bears the same tattoo as that of the probable killer. The predatory, slightly corrupt Mallory is a coolly skillful lover, forcing Franny to push beyond sexual barriers into areas she has never explored. But in testing those erotic boundaries, she puts herself in mortal danger.
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I was very disappointed with this book. On the back cover, their was a review comment comparing this book to THE STORY OF O. This was a gross misjustice to THE STORY OF O. There is no comparison. The author appears to be suffering from ADHD. The story line was all over the place, while I would consider this book a thriller, I think to term it an erotic thriller just not true. Just because a book contains sex, doesn't make it erotic.

I thought the ending was just stupid, unless the author intended a sequal. I saw in some of the other reviews that there is a movie out there based on this book? Hollywood must have been desperate.

Between the Covers.
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a good erotic thriller
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"A ferociously uninhibited erotic thrilller"...N. Y. Times Book Review (front cover) Vanity Fair declares "a remarkable novel, that is erotic, intelligent, and daring"..
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The ending had me curled in a ball on my bed for hours.
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This novel is gritty,and can be hard to take. It is not for the faint of heart who find graphic description of sexual acts offensive or upsetting. The author is an exceptionally good writer and does a good job of setting a realistic atmosphere of suspense. The interactions between the protagonists is weirdly real, yet lending an air of the underworld to the overall feel of the book.