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The Eclectic Pen - escape too

By: ericjasongastelum   + 52 more  
Date Submitted: 10/10/2008
Last Updated: 10/10/2008
Genre: Horror » Dark Fantasy
Words: 736

  i wanted to ask what was wrong, i didn't though. i know i should have. turning over to face the bedroom door i heard you moaning. my body shifts over so that my eyes may glance at you once more before falling sleep. your back pores start spilling hair out of them. you tell me to run, i think this is a dream, so i stay. blood poured your eyes. those eyes that shine green with hazel and speckled with orange.
your voice grows into a well matured howl, as my teeth bite the lower portions of the left half of my lip. silence will assure me that love was yours, until you woke up. i watch your mouth stretching in front of you like a pyramid cut in half and filled of teeth.
my thick haired beauty. i reach my hand to touch your tiny belly, but you've changed.
i'm worried and frozen as i defecate in my favorite briefs. the last words i ever imagined myself saying to anyone, let alone you, "If I'm not a mistake neither are you." i squeeze the last part of that sentence out as my voice turns into the sound you manipulate with your hands, as you choke me.
i black-out.
i have visions of a world with no line of best fit, with no chemistry, or love to be had. no wailing walls or diamonds in the rough. just simple nonsense. i look at the shadow cast from my body on a wall, and it is not a dark or grey shadow. it's a shadow that looks like refracting light rays in colors much too ultra for my eyes. in this vision i see these "ultra" colors. i see the moon fall from the sky as i try to scream, but nothing comes out. the world starts to shake, and i suddenly find myself in a cold dark room. the only light is that of a bug zapper.
i wake back to reality with loud yells, like pinch harmonics and an orchestra strike blended to pulp and poured on top of the aftermath of a very successful suicide bombing.
they called and screamed for heaven, as you ripped them limb by limb. touching each of their faces with sharp razor hooks. laying the lifeless victims to sleep with their legs meat wrapped in the corner, while i could see their eyes and hearts still twitching.
still alive somehow.
you're so rational, is what i think in my mind. not like i murderer or a priest, but like god creating this planet in the middle of no where and forcing us to call it home.
demonstrating power i have never seem from you before. it makes me press my bones into this seat.
you finish with your last, and it is only you and i. in every spiritual sense i can see close to twelve banshees here to prophecy that one of us must leave the land of the living.
you and me.
i'm not afraid, i know i'm only wasting time.
one quick action leads to another until i don't know what pain is anymore. a series of quick moments like a chain saw bouncing off the wood into your face or if you'd like to imagine diving into a pool of ammonia with razor wire grids one inch by one inch just a foot below the surface.
somewhere inside you my lungs are breathing stomach acid and soon intestinal juice. i watch you eat some of my legs, and smash my testicles between your teeth. i'm soon to be your stool.
i know you can hear everything i think. every thought to you is a Revolutionary Cell able to die.
as i lay crippled and slowly losing vision of what i am, or what life was, i imagine one last dream.
my last dream:
you're building a house, soon one day to be complete. decaying of bone frames, and hair for thatching's.
your sky will consist of nothing but f+c&ing jokes that pacify your inhumane state of being.
you bat invisible memories as the walls you build of skin start to shrink.
your padded hands and feet stepping across the face of mankind.
face by face your palms journey on top of it all.
the egg i fertilized within you will only dry against your false womb
& every nine months for the rest of your life you'll vomit blood to remind you that somethings last forever.
as i torture you with my spirit that i teach to reside within your mind.

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