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Author: Stephen King
ISBN: 226
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Book Type: Paperback
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venus avatar reviewed Firestarter on + 33 more book reviews
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A personal favorite of mine of King's. The story of a man trying desperately to keep his dangerously gifted young daughter out of the hands of the government. The well-shaped characters, as always, draw you not only into the story itself, but into the personal lives of those within the story. Like an incredible meal, he never fails to leave you yearning for more, yet oddly satisfied.
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Stephen King's books about creepy little kids are absolutely the scariest! Read it, you'll love it!
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This book was ok. I didn't enjoy it as much as other King books. When it got the end I just wanted it to be over. It got annoying for me. The beginning and middle were good because you feel sorry for the characters and want everything to be ok. Towards the end I just didn't care anymore.

Innocence and beauty unite with evil and terror...
First, a man and woman are subjects of a top-secret government experiment designed to produce extraordinary psychic powers.
Then they are married and have a child. A daugther.
Early on the daugther shows signs of a wild and horrifying force growing within her. Desperately, her parents try to train her to keep that force in check, to "act normal". Now the government wants the brainchild back-- for its own insane ends.
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Stephen King's most terrifying evil chiller..surpassing Carrie, The Shining, and the Dead Zone.
Tony500 avatar reviewed Firestarter on
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A great read on a dark night!
icesk8tr avatar reviewed Firestarter on + 363 more book reviews
Very good!!
reviewed Firestarter on + 15 more book reviews
Classic Stephen King, story of a girl with the ability to light things on fire with her mind.
reviewed Firestarter on + 496 more book reviews
This was one of the first Stephen King books I ever read and I really enjoyed it.
Hellraiser avatar reviewed Firestarter on + 110 more book reviews
Great first half, but it gets soooo slow and boring when the dad and kid are captured by a government organization.
reviewed Firestarter on + 3 more book reviews
This was one that I'd been waiting to get my hands on! It was a great read - all of you Stephen King fans out there who haven't read his earlier works should grab this up - you won't be disappointed!
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Good read, Lots of detail, similar to the movie, however, much better than movie
ambershelley avatar reviewed Firestarter on + 2 more book reviews
This book is classic Steven King-with psychological creepiness that stays with you long after you finish the book. This book tells the story of the lengths a father will go to protect his daughter. This is a great read!
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A Classic for Stephen King fans.
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This is one of Stephen King's books, what more do I have to say
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Excellent book!
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great early King.
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Typical King good read
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Good read from King's early days, Enjoyed reading it.
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A tightly plotted King chiller, it is most terrifying and wholly credible.
reviewed Firestarter on + 210 more book reviews
Great book. I love the earlier King novels.
Kibi avatar reviewed Firestarter on + 582 more book reviews
A fire inside the darkness!!, March 16, 2006
Reviewer: Shadow Wright "Shadow" (Philly, Pa)

Firestarter is one of my favorite books by Stephen King. It is a thriller and keeps me urging for more each and every time I read it. It all starts in 1969 when twelve collage students participate in a study for a new drug called "lot six". Two particular test subjects Andrew "Andy" McGee and Victoria "Vikki" Tomlinson take an interest in each other. During the test after lot six was administered to them they started to develop extraordinary psychic powers. Many strange things happened during the following hours but they were hallucinations or were they? One year later Andy and Vikki got married and had a daughter. When their daughter was only two years old they noticed that somehow lot six had transcended down to their daughter. She had a special power that scientist call "Pyrokinesis". Which is being able to start fires at will just by simply using her mind. Some time between then and five years later "The shop" a covert section of the CIA. Who was behind the lot six experiment the whole time. The shop killed Vikki and had Andy and Charlene "Charlie" McGee on the run. Every step of the way the shop was on their heels having only near misses of taking capture of Andy and Charlie.And then... Well I don't want to ruin the suspenseful and much Worth the reading ending for you. So if you would like to find out what happens to Andy and Charlie next and throughout the rest of the story I guess that you will have to read the book. I hope you enjoy it I know I do every time I read it.
reviewed Firestarter on + 25 more book reviews
One of my collection of Stephen King books. All are up for trade. Check out the rest.
suzannerath avatar reviewed Firestarter on + 17 more book reviews
Andy McGee and little 8 year old Charlie are on the run from evil government agency, The Shop. While still in college, he and his wife were the subject of a secret government test in which he could have sworn several people died but they just disappeared, as if they'd never existed. Now, years later, the two of them have developed strange abilities but that's nothing compared to their little girl who starts fires when she gets upset. For all this time they've managed to hide their new abilities from the agents who are still watching them but when Charlie goes to a friends house to spend the night, the agents panic and, after torturing her, kill Charlie's mother, setting off a chain of events that leads to Andy and Charlie desperate and on the run. The net is closing in, but the government may not be the worst of their dangers, because Charlie's talent is growing exponentially, and it's hungry...

*** One of the things I love about King is, being a child of the 60's, he has the right attitude toward various things from race issues to the government. The only place he falls down is in his attitude towards fat people but the understanding that people aren't fat because they're lazy slobs who eat too much isn't exactly common even now, after all the new studies and the burgeoning size acceptance movement, so I can forgive him that especially since his attitude is so good in so many other areas. Various governments, the US being prominent among them, have perpetrated some truly notorious acts on the unsuspecting populace, like the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment or the CIA testing of LSD on clients of prostitutes. Of course, pyrokinesis is science fiction, like the aliens of X-Files, but the fact that the government is pretty effing shady is science fact.

Firestarter reads more like a short story than one of King's typical epics. This isn't a bad thing - King is great at the short, sweet (or bitter) nugget and this is a pitch perfect example. Like all his stories, his plotting is riveting; characters have depth, many of them you truly care for and wish you could meet; his writing is sharp, with the occasional stunningly poetic imagagery. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is, despite the story's perfection, I felt a distance from it. Maybe it was the unrelieved horror of Andy and Charlie's experience - from the very beginning all the way up until the ambiguous ending their story is one of unrelenting terror, pain, betrayal (both of self and by others) and sheer exhaustion. Because of the story, and because you truly like Andy and Charlie, you feel compelled to find out what happened but it felt like the exercise in endurance it was for them.

Conclusion: Highly recommended, but only for those not faint of heart. A short, tight, and truly horrific tale told by a master.
cyndij avatar reviewed Firestarter on + 727 more book reviews
I liked this better the first time I read it, waaay back when. Andy is the most memorable character in the book, desperate to keep Charlie alive but also desperately afraid of what he might have to do to her in order to make it happen. The Evil Government guys are just cliches without King's usual ability to make them into real people; even Rainbird is mostly just cardboard.
LadyLioncourt avatar reviewed Firestarter on + 45 more book reviews
Didn't really like it, not my favorite King book
ORION9 avatar reviewed Firestarter on + 56 more book reviews
This is almost one of those "black helicopter" stories, but not even close to being so pedestrian. In the late sixties a guy and a girl (students) were enticed into participating in a shadowy drug experiment done by a shadowy government entity and earning two hundred dollars for their efforts. (flaming youth) But student often equals poor. They subsequently married and produced a child (little girl) that had some truly scary talents. Once again Mr. King writes a very entertaining story with some vivid characters and plot twists. This is a short one for him at 371 pages.
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Printed in 1981, so it has its age spots.