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The Eclectic Pen - The Hunted (Part 4)

By: Emmy A. (emmytastic)   + 6 more  
Date Submitted: 6/18/2011
Last Updated: 6/18/2011
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Words: 2,201

  At this very moment I was glad to be alone. I didn’t want anyone else around me. I wanted to think straight and with all this going on it was hard to do. Right now, I didn’t want my mind to focus on anything – not Aurora, not the killer vampire, not Iris and Zander – I only wanted to relax as much as I could. There were times where I wished that I had a normal life like any ordinary human… this was one of those times.
My hand rose to run through my hair and then rest on the back of my neck, letting out a deep breath. Whoever thought that trying to relax could such a difficult thing to accomplish. Slipping the sliver band from my finger, I let myself mindlessly play with the small object, letting my thoughts slip away.
Slowly, the relaxation I so longed for began to creep over my body. I could feel my muscles start to loosen up. My mind eased away from any worries or concerns that I had to lie within the depths of nothingness in my thoughts. Slouching lower into my seat, I let my eyes close. Even if I Knew I wouldn’t fall asleep I suddenly felt like I could.
“Josh!” Iris’s frantic cry instantly brought me out of any chance I thought I had of being in full relaxation. I jolted out of my seat and rushed to the entryway where it seemed her voice had come from. She was staring at the door when I arrived, her eyes wide with fear.
“What is it?” I asked looking at the door, sensing a presence behind it, my brows furrowed. We never got visitors. Not even from the people we gave rent to. There was never a need for them to visit… Straightening myself, I moved over to the door, hand reaching for the knob.
“They’re Hunters… Josh…” Her voice was barely above a whisper, it was clear to see how scared she was that they were arriving at our door. Despite the fact that we all knew it was coming sooner or later, the fear of it all never sunk in until now. Especially for her.
I paused, turning back to her, hoping that I was giving her a reassuring smile, even though I was worried as to how this would turn out as well. “Go find Zander.” I spoke softly. She hesitantly nodded and turned to leave the room. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door, keeping a composed face as I came face-to-face with three Hunters.
All three of them shared the same hair color. The biggest male and the girl held the same eyes, while the third had brown eyes. My eyes instantly fell to their hands in search of weapons, where there seemed to be none. Part of me was relieved to see this.
“Can I help you?” I spoke after a long moment. The air between us was crackling; I was slightly surprised that it wasn’t visible. I licked my lips and held their gaze, just waiting for them to make some move to kill.
They merely glared for a long while. It was the girl who spoke first. “I’m Aimee.” She introduced, a small smile coming across her lips. “This is Stephan.” The biggest male. “And Tristan.” The other. My eyes met each of theirs as she acquainted them.
Remaining still, I cleared my throat. “Josh.” I introduced myself, not bothering to carry a kind tone. “Is there a reason you’re here? And being as polite to introduce yourselves as well?”
A smile cracked across Tristan’s face at this, seeing his hand move, I followed it. “Well, you see,” He started. “We like to let our prey know who they were exterminated by before we kill them. He sneered as he quickly pulled out a stake and thrust it for my heart.
With his weapon moving closer at a speed that was unexpected, I felt my breath catch in my throat and for a moment, I feared that I would not be able to move in time to dodge. Taking my chances, I quickly maneuvered my stance to the left, barely avoiding the sharp object, I could feel it pressed against me… but right now was not the time to think about how I barely avoided death. He would be moving soon, and so would his companions…
Taking up Tristan’s arm and forcing it behind his back hard, I watched the girl, Aimee, advancing for me. Shoving him hard towards her and turned to run to the stairs, not bothering to see if my plan to slow them down worked. My teeth were gritted tightly together. At that moment my mind was not on winning, but instead on keeping everyone safe.
Feeling a sudden sharp pain in the back of my thigh, I stopped and let out a growl. Reaching back, I pulled the knife from my leg and turned. At the base of the stairs was Stephan, his green gaze hard on me, apparently my plan had worked, seeing as the other two weren’t in sight at that moment. Slipping my finger along the sharp length of the blade, I waited for him to make a move, although he seemed smarter than that… the other one seemed more like the reckless one.
“What’s going on in--” Em’s words were cut off the moment she stepped into the room, her eyes scanning over the scene before her. Fear growing in her expression the moment Tristan ran into the room. A wide smile spread across his face the moment he saw her, raising his stake and began to go for her. Her arms rising in an attempt to protect herself as a scream left from her lips.
“No!” I quickly moved to help her, only I was stopped by a blade stabbing into my arm. My gaze turned to face Stephan. He was my opponent… Giving a glance back to Em, I was relieved to see Seth in front of her, holding off the stake, his expression holding nothing but anger.
Now that I only had to focus on Stephan, I went to throw a punch to his stomach, which he took almost with ease. Cursing under my breath, I brought the blade I held around, aiming for any part of him body that would remove him from me.
“What have I told you about letting in strangers Josh?” He spoke, which caused me to smile despite the situation we were in. Even though he was a real pain in my side, we were still allies and friends… to a certain degree. More like acquaintances.
“Its hard not oblige when threatened with a stake.” Dodging a few of Stephan’s attacks before making my own, hitting him square in the stomach and swinging the blade at his throat, which he avoided. From the corner of my eye, I saw Aimee making her way up the stairs, stake in hand. Clearly, she was in search of any other vampires in the building. I wanted to yell for Iris and Zander to run and to take Aurora with them, but I didn’t want to give anything away in case they were hiding.
Taking a hard hit to my face, I stumbled back. I let out a hard breath and rammed my body against Stephan’s sending him back hard against the wall, where I pinned him with his own weapon. I waited for him to give up, but it was clear that he wasn’t about to back down. From the look in his eyes, he would rather die then surrender to a vampire.
“Why are you attacking us now?” I questioned, voice carrying all my anger towards the situation that has occurred. “You’ve let us be for over a year and now you decide to get rid of us.” It didn’t make any sense for them to try to kill us now. We’ve kept ourselves in the dark and never drawn any attention to what we really are.
The voice that responded didn’t come from Stephan, but from Aimee, who was making her way down the stairs calmly. “Because there have been a series of vampire killings coming from this area.” She stated without any emotion within her voice. “There’s no one else in the house.” This was to Stephan. At hearing these words leave her lips, I felt a great relief leave me. They had gotten away and taken Aurora. Now my only concern was how we were going to get out of this alive. Three on three. Only… Emmy wasn’t skilled enough to take on Aimee, even if she wanted to. So really, it was two against three.
“That wasn’t any of us!” Emmy spoke for all of us and seeing as both me and Seth were busy keeping Tristan and Stephan busy, it was only logical that she would speak. “We all have sworn to keep ourselves hidden from the humans and not to kill.” She stated the pact that we have made when we first got together. “And we’ve all stayed true to that.”
Aimee’s eyes were on Emmy, I watched as she moved closer, the stake no longer in her hand which I was grateful for. Maybe if we played our cards right we could talk them into leaving us alone for good. “The killings are all in this area. You guys are the only known vampires to be stationed in this location.”
I cursed under my breath; someone had to be setting us up. My eyes lay upon Stephan, he seemed so clam through this. I was beginning to wonder if this guy had any emotion whatsoever. From the moment that I saw him at the door he had the same expression on his face.
Emmy remained calm, which is what we needed to do in this situation. Getting angry would only cause her to say reckless things and that would do us no good. “We’ve discovered that there’s a new vampire running around on pure blood thirst. We’re working on hurting them down as we speak.”
“No need.” Aimee spoke. “We’ll take up your work from here. Give us all the information you have.”
“It’s a woman. That’s all that we know.” I spoke up, seeing as I was the only one that had encountered her since we figured out there was a vampire running rampant. I truly hoped that they would believe that was all we knew and leave.
My nerves were running high, I was just waiting for the smallest of movement to indicate any chance of attack. I didn’t want to kill them, but if they insisted on continuing this fight, I wasn’t going to hesitate once given the chance to do so.
“Alright.” Aimee said. “If there is a single thing that gives away you were lying, we’re coming back here to finish the job.” She turned and began to make her way out, Tristan following her and Stephan, who had to push me off him to move.
Nobody said a single thing until we heard the door click shut; Em let out a large breath and fell against Seth, who was instantly there to catch her. Despite her performance before the Hunters, she was terrified; it was easy to see it on her face now. I let out my own breath of relief, my eyes trailing upstairs.

“I wonder where they went?” I pondered, speaking about Iris, Zander and Iris. It had to be a spontaneous plan to leave with Aurora. If the Hunters had found us with her, they would think we were starting up a blood slave trade or that we were harvesting her blood for ourselves.
“Wherever it was, it was smart.” Seth spoke, no more jokes at the moment. “We would’ve been as good as dead if they found that girl.”
“More reason to get rid of her.” Emmy muttered.
“No.” I spoke quickly to her comment, gaining a surprised look from her. “She stays and as long as she wishes to.” Gaining a glare from Em, I turned away and walked into the kitchen. That look from her sent chills down my spine… and I didn’t want to linger under that gaze any longer than I had to.

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