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Topic: PMing member who received book...your opinion, please

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Subject: PMing member who received book...your opinion, please
Date Posted: 9/20/2007 11:01 AM ET
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I'm probably just being impatient, but I'd like some input. I mailed out an audio book on Sept. 10th. I also purchased delivery confirmation from the post office (not from PBS. I prefer not to put any credit information on the internet unless I can help it, especially for such a small amount.). I've tracked the package, and I can see that the post office delivered the package on 9/17 at 11:40 a.m. I still have not received my credits three days later. I suppose the person may be out of town for a short time, or doesn't collect their mail regularly. Perhaps they've even lost access to a computer for whatever reason.

I know that I can't do anything through the system until Oct. 8, but as there are two books I'm hoping to order, and there is only one copy available of each, I'm a bit anxious to get my credits! Would it be too pushy to send the person who received the book a pollitely-worded reminder that I am waiting for the credits?

Also, if the peson has not acknowledge receiving the book as of Oct. 8, will I still be able to receive my credits at all?

Thanks so much for your responses!

Date Posted: 9/20/2007 11:06 AM ET
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If it's been 3 days, I don't see anything wrong with a polite PM. 

To answer your question, if the person does not acknowledge receipt of the item, unfortunately, you cannot get your credit unless you purchased DC thru PBS.

Date Posted: 9/20/2007 11:09 AM ET
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I wouldn't mind you sending me a PM if it was friendly.      I'd be very careful though, it's so easy to be misunderstood on here.    I think I'd just say something like - "I see by the post office DC that the book "Whatever" was delivered.  Since it hasn't been marked received I wanted to check and see if the PO maybe delivered it to the wrong address.  Thanks for reassuring me by marking the book received if you have gotten it." 

Date Posted: 9/20/2007 11:15 AM ET
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I think a nice reminder would be fine, underscore on the nice.  There is no way to know if something has happened in their life, so I would tread carefully. 

Something like, "Of course there could be some mixup, but it seems as though my audio book to you has been delivered.  I hate to seem pushy, and I do know how busy life is, so when you have a free moment to mark the audio book received, I would really appreciate it.  I've got my eye on my next read and am ever so anxious to order it, as soon as I get a credit.  Enjoy your audio book and thank you." 

eta, or what Coz wrote, both are fine to me and wouldn't offend me in the least

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Date Posted: 9/20/2007 12:22 PM ET
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Today's the 20th, right, I usually wait at least a week before I'd pm someone about a book.  I had one book the po marked as delivered a full week before the person it was delivered to received it.  Life happens, the post office makes mistakes, and sometimes people just get busy and forget about PBS world for a few days.  After a week has passed, I'd send a polite PM, inquring about the book:)



Date Posted: 9/20/2007 12:48 PM ET
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I have PM'ed on books like this before.  I usually wait about a week after DC says it's been delivered, and then just send a short note saying DC says it was delivered on x day and that I just wanted to check and make sure it arrived ok.  Everybody has always been very nice the few times I have had to send these notes.

Date Posted: 9/20/2007 1:33 PM ET
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Thanks, everyone, for your responses

I appreciate the good advice, and will wait a week. I'm reassured that others have also have had delays being credited.

I am very disappointed, though, that if the person never acknowledges receiving the book that my credits will be lost! :-( ,  especially since I have proof that I sent it. I will say that I've never had a problem before, though.

Date Posted: 9/20/2007 1:40 PM ET
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If you have DC from the post office, can R&R give you credit if you provide the tracking info?  Anyone know?

Date Posted: 9/20/2007 1:54 PM ET
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From the Help Center (regarding after a book goes lost):

If you sent the book with DC purchased elsewhere and it has been recorded as delivered by USPS:

  • Contact the requestor from the "lost" transaction in your Transaction Archive.
  • If the requestor does not respond to your PM within a few days, or if the book is not marked received within a week after the scan as "delivered", contact us and we will look into it.
  • We cannot grant credit for DC purchased outside PBS, but we can check if this requestor has become inactive.
  • If this requestor is inactive, your book should be marked received by the system.

So it appears that if the recipient has become inactive since the package was shipped, the credit might be granted.

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Date Posted: 9/20/2007 7:11 PM ET
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It's only been 3 days since it was marked delivered. It's possible the person has to get their packages at the post office and isn't able to get there more than once a week (like me). I would definitely wait until a full week has passed before worrying about it. However, I also don't think a friendly PM would hurt matters any, and it might even give the person a heads-up that they have a package waiting for them at USPS (I've noticed they aren't always real good about leaving the pick-up slips).

Date Posted: 9/20/2007 8:44 PM ET
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You need to have DC through PBS to insure getting a credit if your book goes lost, or it just isn't marked received.  That is the main reason I use PBS DC-and to support the site.

Date Posted: 9/21/2007 9:30 AM ET
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You all were so right! I was just being impatient! My credits have been received; (and used, lol!).  No pm was necessary.  Thanks for all the responses!

Date Posted: 9/21/2007 9:33 AM ET
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Very interesting on the DC thing.  Of course I read all the rules when I joined, but didn't retain it all, and I don't use DC, or I would have gone back to re-read that, but it seems as tho there's no benefit to using DC outside of PBS.  I mean, you know your package got there, but you can't prove it to R&R for a credit, so why do it?  Am I just looking at this wrong?  What do you think?

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Date Posted: 9/21/2007 9:40 AM ET
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IMO; if  you're going to use DC, you SHOULD use PBS-DC.  It gives you credit assurance and  you support the site!