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The Search
The Search
Author: Nora Roberts
ISBN-13: 9780399156571
ISBN-10: 0399156577
Publication Date: 7/6/2010
Pages: 496
  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

4.2 stars, based on 245 ratings
Publisher: Putnam Adult
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 3
I loved this book it had just the right amount of suspense to keep you guessing to the end.
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Just finished this one, it was another excellent read by Nora. I loved the parts about the dog training, and Simon was a great hero. Good story, it moved right along for me. I finished it one night.
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Helpful Score: 3
This was a wonderful book! I enjoyed it from the very first page. I am a dog lover and Fiona having a Search and Rescue business was very interesting to me. It has a lot of mystery, a splash of romance, and a very strong main character, Fiona. She has been traumatized in the past but has struggled to rebuild her life. Nora Roberts has a GREAT one in The Search. Loved every page of it!!
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Roberts at her best! A dog trainer, she is the target of a serial trainer and has issues with a love carver. Good read to the end!
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Nora Roberts once again delivers a wonderful story with a perfect blend of romance and suspense laced with humor. Fiona and Simon were fantastic characters that perfectly balance each other. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their relationship develop and blossom and the dogs were my favorite part of the story as the catalyst that brings them together.

My only problem with this story was the ending. The entire book builds up the suspense of an ultimate showdown between Fiona and RSK2. The means and lengths to which he goes gave me the impression that the terror Fiona felt the first time would be child's play compared to what this maniac had in store for her. The suspense reached nail biting edge of my seat levels for me so I was very shocked and disappointed at the anti-climatic ending. As a result, I can't give this story a full 5 stars.

Overall, this story delivers a great story filled with memorable characters and adorable dogs, which is always a plus for me. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense and likes animals more than they like gripping action and don't mind an intense build-up with a soft ending.
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This book was satisfying on so many levels. The story was interesting; the location was original; the characters were fascinating, and the dogs - oh, those WONDERFUL dogs! It was nice to get a few tips on their training, too.
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This book was an interesting but difficult read. Although Nora Roberts is an amazing writer, this book seemed to get away from her a little. The story is focused on Fiona Bristow, a woman who owns a dog training school and operates a Search and Rescue team. Fiona has returned home to an island off Seattle's coast in order to heal from an attack from a serial killer. Eight years earlier Fiona was the sole survivor of a deadly rampage from a serial killer that took the life of her cop fiance Greg. Now, Fiona has settled into a comfortable life where she is surrounded by family, friends and her beloved three dogs. Recently, Fiona has found romance in the form of artist Simon, a handsome, blunt man who asks her to train his feisty dog. When a copycat serial killer starts sending Fiona deadly messages and begins a new killing spree, Fiona knows it's only a matter of time until the killer tries to take her out. Although this book was interesting, I didn't particularly feel that the characters were ones I could relate to. The romance was so-so, filled with a few hot love scenes. I honestly think a large portion of this book should have been edited out. Perhaps editors don't edit a big writer like Nora Roberts but a huge portion of this book was extraneous and unnecessary. Overall, this book was good but far from her usual greatness.
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Let me start off by saying that I am a Nora Roberts fan. Ever since the first and probably always will be.

I have to ask what went wrong with The Search? I love NR's books. However, The Search is really just an ok read. I wasn't excited about the suspense because to be honest there was very little. The characters were ok, but not one of them stood out in my mind to the point I was clamoring to know what was going to happen to them. I expect more from NR's books. She is one of the few authors I buy before I check out the reviews. But hey, we are all entitled to a few off days and so is Nora Roberts.

Interesting to see how search and rescue works. The dogs were great & fun, the training tips were spot on. I learned a lot about dog training, that's for sure. It helped with my Schnauzer.

If your looking for suspense, this is not it.
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Good book! As a dog trainer by profession with a hermit for a husband ;-), I could relate well with the characters. Well written, and entertaining! Loved the hero's gruff and no non-sense personality, and the heroine's survival and fighter personality! Great Read!
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The characters are strong and it is easy to get drawn into their stories and lives. The dogs, their training and the way they respond are a big part of the story. It was interesting to learn about the training and how the dogs are used in a search. Because of things that have happened in the past both main characters are reluctant to any kind of commitment. It is fun to watch this relationship as the story plays out. I have never read an Nora Roberts story I didn't like and this was no exception.
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Ive only read about a dozen or so Nora books...but this is one of my faves so far. I loved the h and H. I found the dog training and search and resue aspect extremely interesting too.
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This is one of her better books. There is something I can't get past though. I don't think it's her characters that I don't like... it's the repetitiveness in the structure of the characters and how they talk to each other. They almost talk in slang and sound like the cast of 'Gilmore Girls' or one of the newer young adult comedies on prime time TV.. I haven't been able to get into one of Roberts books since she adopted this harder-core lingo talk. She's always had it to some degree in her writing, but now it's almost like a new language. Great story lines, and even greater potential in the character structure. I hope she can soften this issue up. I really miss getting into her books.
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I enjoyed this book-lots of suspense!
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This is one of Nora's best! The leading man is hot, hot, hot. And the elements of mystery and humor are woven together to make a great read!
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Extremely well written. If you love dogs or animals, you will enjoy the dogs and her work with them. Great romantic couple, very offbeat, but likeable.
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Didn't really like either of the main characters. Disappointing.
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Loved, Loved, Loved this book! It's one of Nora Robert's best
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I really loved this book! It had all the elements that I like, mystery, thriller, romance and a few twists.
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Reading a book by Nora Roberts is like gaining a whole set of new friends.

Fiona Bristow leads a quiet and fulfilled live on Orcas Island. She runs a dog school, leads a canine search and rescue group and adores living with her three dogs. When she meets Simon Doyle and his dog Jaws (you have to adore him!) she doesn't want to be interested in the moody and blunt wood artist. Ever since she nearly became the vicitm of the Red Scarf serial killer who later murdered her fiance she has been staying away from relationships with men. Simon is also not really interested in starting something with Fiona. Living on small Orcas Island and with his playful puppy is a new experience for him and he enjoys being single. However the more time Fiona and Simon spend together through obedience training for Jaws the more the attraction between them grows.
When a copycat killer starts to murder young woman and it seems that Fiona might be his final victim everything changes. Staying back is no longer an option for Simon and he will do everything to make sure that Fiona stays safe.

Once again Nora Roberts created a great and very entertaining novel. What I enjoyed about "The Search" are the likable, realistic characters and especially the detailed description of Fiona's job, her life on Orcas Island and her relationship with Simon.
IMO this book is the perfect choice for a quiet weekend when you have time for yourself and can really dip into the story. It took me some pages to get into the book but then I loved it. I always appreciate it when an author describes her characters and what is important to them in detail so I enjoyed reading all the little things about Fiona's life and her business. At the end of the book I felt like Fiona, Simon and co. were like friends. I would definitely have something to talk about with them because I learned so much of their life through this book.
I'm not really a dog lover (cats all the way!) but still I enjoyed reading about the dogs and especially the search and rescue missions fascinated me. The book starts with one of these missions and that really helped me to get a connection with Fiona and her dogs.
Fiona is a true survivor and she's a very strong woman. I enjoyed everything about her and Simon's relationship. Simon is a bit moody and says just what he thinks. He reminds me a bit of Brody from "Angels Fall" who is one of my favourite heroes ever. There are some really funny scenes when Simon tries to handle Jaws and also when tries to fight against his feelings for Fiona. I loved how protective he became of her even though he didn't really want to.
The mystery part of the book is not too dark and it's not about figuring out who the killer is. It's more like a character study of the murderers and how it affects the life of Fiona and the people close to her. I enjoyed that the book is not overly dramatic because that wouldn't have worked for me.

So, if you love a book full of multifaceted characters, an intelligent and thrilling mystery plot and a detailed way of writing then "The Search" by Nora Roberts is a book you should read.
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I usually enjoy the combination of a mystery/thriller and a romance, but The Search really fell flat with me. Simon Doyle, furniture craftsman, was developed with interesting details, as was Fiona Bristow, trainer of search and rescue dogs and survivor of a kidnapping and attempted murder. Unlike most romances, in which the couple must wait until after the main conflict of the novel is resolved until they can be together as a team, The Search has Fiona and Simon team up halfway through the book and join forces to thwart a serial killer.

As a couple, however, their romance doesn't ring very true. Simon is domineering and borderline verbally abusive. Fiona's strength and indepedence, her best traits, are annoying and infuriating to him. I found myself no longer rooting for them to stay together. Furthermore, there was little suspense in the apprehension of the "bad guy", making the second half of the book quite a disappointment. The first half, however, was enjoyable enough.

All in all, a book I'd have been happier to have gotten in a swap rather than purchased, but I'm happy to give it away knowing I don't have a desire to read it again.
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Nora Roberts never fails. Great story line and as always, loved the ending.
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I am a dog lover but still did not really like this book. I didn't like the relationship between the main two characters.
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Another amazing book from Nora Roberts. I couldn't put it down!
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informative and enjoyable. truly liked the book, great insight to how search dogs are prepared and used.
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Grade = B

When Fiona Bristow was in college she was abducted by a serial killer while out for an early morning job. She was the one woman who managed to escape from Perry, the Red Scarf Killer and managed to put him behind bars for life. Years later Fiona has built up a successful dog training business on Orcas Island. One tough cookie, Fiona has put the past behind her or so she thought until the murders begin again. Fiona with the help of a sexy, grumpy carpenter Simon, struggles to build a relationship while trying to stop a copy-cat serial killer.

Fiona Bristow is a paragon of strength, patience and integrity. She was forced to live through a horrible experience at the hands of a madman and managed to put him away for life. She managed to fight every step of the way and to not allow fear to rule her life. The fact that she is targeted a second time only makes her fight that much harder to keep what she has built for herself. Simon Doyle a grumpy, blunt carpenter with an unruly puppy Jaws, can't help but find himself attracted to her and her strength. Fiona manages to worm her way under his skin no matter how hard he fights the attraction.

Simon was the best part of this book for me. He had some of the best lines in the book because he says what he is thinking without censoring it. Fiona is definitely able to hold her own with the overbearing man. She flings zingers right back at him. Fiona and Simon had great chemistry. However, I did think that these two characters had extremely good control over their emotions, almost too good of control that it seemed a little unrealistic. I would have liked to have seen Fiona or Simon lose that control at some point. It would have made them seem a little more human, imperfect.

The Search is a very gripping tale and Nora Roberts is always good for a fun reading experience. I can easily recommend it to her legions of fans.
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I loved this book! Yes, it's short on suspense and the romance is less than what you'd expect, but it was different and that is a good thing. The dogs play an integral part in the story and that was really fun. The hero and heroine are so atypical and it works. They are both very blunt people, but secure in themselves and not wanting their partner to be anything other than who they are. I thought it was a fast read and really enjoyed the banter with all the characters. I found it refreshing that it was not a cookie-cutter novel!!
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I really enjoyed the banter between the lead characters in this book, the relationships the heroine had with the secondary characters, and the excitement of the search and rescue passages. I was tearing up in chapter one and appreciated the murder/torture descriptions not being any more graphic than they were. If you like a close-mouthed, reluctant hero, you'll have a great time with this book!
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Must disagree with the reviewer who found the dog "stuff" boring - I thought it was fascinating - and I am a cat person! Loved the story, the setting and particularly the main characters - two delightful, quirky people who were just right for each other. Combine the romance with a good, solid mystery and you have a completely absorbing book.
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Between 1 and 10, this book is a 10. One of her best ever.
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Light, easy reading!
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This is the best Nora Roberts book she has written. Interesting storyline and I carried it with me for two days reading a chapter before I went into the bank, the grocery store, the mall, everywhere I went. I couldn't put it down!
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I really liked this book. I think it is one of best she has written in a while. While some people found it boring or too detailed when it came to the descriptions of the dog training/rescuing, I found them fascinating. The dogs make great secondary characters, and Jaws is really a scene stealer! I love all of the laugh-out-loud scenes (usually involving Jaws and Simon). I like Fiona and Simon as the lead characters, Simon especially. He makes a great (but reluctant) hero. There was not a lot of suspense/mystery elements in this book, and I don't think it needed more. The story works very well without them. It gives a real chance to see the development of Simon and Fiona's relationship, plus explore the world of search and rescue dogs. It's a great book for dog and animal lovers, and of course, for fans of Nora Roberts.
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To sum up this book in one word DULL!!! Man oh man was this a difficult book to get through and it was so long! By the end I was even bored with the dogs! I kept thinking to myself this is Nora Roberts, it has to get better but it didnt. I didnt like the way it ended because if the story were to continue she could still be in danger. But as Irene (NonExistence) from Arizona put it, we all have our "off days", so hopefully her next book will be better!
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This book to me was so boring. I was so tempted a few times to say forget it, but I have never stopped reading a book in the middle. You just knew what was going to happen before it even did. I hope her next book is a whole lot better then this one was
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Another great novel by Nora Roberts!
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I'm not sure how I feel about this book. I love Nora, and really appreciate her stories that have an actual story line and not just 2 people meet, fall in love... This book has a great storyline. The problem I found is that it was awkward. Some of the things the characters say just didn't make sense. I don't know if it was a new style of writing, or if it just wasn't edited well, but it was confusing. I'd have to stop and read the sentence a few times before I figured out what they were talking about. The story moved slowly, and while I found the dog training and rescue scenes interesting, there were too many of them. A good Nora read, but not totally memorable.
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Enjoyed this book more than I expected due to the awaiting creep factor of the story. Nora continues to entertain once again.
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I really enjoyed it. Kept my attention enough that I didn't want to put it down.
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LOVE THIS BOOK! I listened to it in one day, I couldn't stop! I am bummed that it's over.
Great book
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I usually love Nora Roberts' books. This one was average. There were interesting parts, the story line kept moving enough to make it go fast. However, the language she used was surprising (Simon used the f word when he first meets Fiona and she uses God's name inappropriately throughout) and continues throughout, which I found very distracting. Also, the end was quite anti-climatic. If she continues to write with this much cussing, I will stop reading her books.
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Nora Roberts tells a story with excellent details that help you visualize and feel that you are right there.
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One of her best!
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Another wonderful read! I highly recommend this Nora Roberts book!
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I loved this book! I listened to it in by car and found myself laughing out loud. Must have made the other drivers wonder what I was laughing about.
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Currently reading this book and loving it. Anyone who loves dogs as well as those who do search and rescue....get this book. It's excellent.