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Skinny Dip
Skinny Dip
Author: Carl Hiaasen
ISBN-13: 9780375411083
ISBN-10: 0375411089
Publication Date: 7/13/2004
Pages: 368
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 227 ratings
Publisher: Knopf
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 3
"Skinny Dip" is another entry into Hiaasen's theater of the absurd, with its usual cast of colorful characters and ridiculous twists to the plot that remind you there are far more idiots in this world than those with common sense. There are cameos from previous books, such as Mick and Captain, but enough new personalities - and fresh digs into political corruption - to make this entertaining and enjoyable. It's laugh out loud funny with enough feel good emotions to counter the darker motivations. I loved Joey and Mick, as well as the fascinating Tool. There isn't a single miss in the cast of this offbeat work. My only complaint was the rather blunt and enigmatic ending.

Still, you can't go wrong with this one for wacked out, plotty fun.
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Helpful Score: 3
Very funny! Vintage Hiaasen. Follow the tale of a bride on her honeymoon with her murderous new husband. He pitches her overboard from the cruise ship, and she swims to an island inhabited by a (sexy, of course!) recluse, who helps her exact a hilarious revenge.
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Helpful Score: 2
This was my first Hiaasen and a GREAT read!
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What a fun read! Hiaasen is a favorite of mine, his books never fail to surprise me - what a seriously clever and hilarious author. Recommended!!
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Hilarious! Hiaasen at his best! Woman shoved overboard by her husband, she pretends to remain dead and bedevils him with some help from a fella - becomes her romantic interest. Really funny and wry.
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This book easy to read and very, very funny. I laughed out loud several times. I would recommend it for anyone needing a good laugh and light-hearted reading.
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I don't know how to describe this book; it's a quasi-mystery with some romance and comedy thrown in for good measure. The author is particularly adept at creating over-the-top, yet somehow realistic, characters. I didn't find myself particularly attached to the story but I found it intriguing enough to keep reading. All in all, an enjoyable romp.
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This is another delirious and zany romp through the swamps of South Florida with a cast of equally delirious and zany characters.
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Great book! Fast read! Entertaining!
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Alot of fun. I always enjoy Hiaasen's books and this one did not disappoint. Again, Florida is his main character. The story is very funny. It is also scary because (though fictional) he is really writing about the impact of greed and corruption on the Florida Everglades.
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I couldn't put this book down! It was so good! I have never read this author before but I am goig to from now on! I highly reccommend this book and author!
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Good book for a vacation read. Nothing too deep!
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Super cute. Mr. Hiaasen did an excellent job through dialogue of illustrating his characters feelings. It is a little bit zany and a very fun read.
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Light reading, with no substance. The basis of the comedy was the pathetic characters. Not assumed.
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Fun book to read in the summer!
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An amusing book to be sure. There was romance in this book, but it was very low-key, the main plot being revenge.

Since this is a light book, I didn't expect much character growth, but there is - surprisingly - a couple. Behind the humor and the satire, there is definitely a push for environmental awareness, which I think is fantastic. I mean, if you're dead, how are you going to spend all of that cash?

This is certainly a laugh-out-loud book, from beginning to end. I highly recommend it.
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Great fun read! A little quirky, but a very entertaining book!
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An extremely easy read...had to read for a book club. Not a good discussion book.
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On behalf of my husband, who is the fiction reader in our family, I submit his review of Skinny Dip.

He found the story line was very interesting and fun, in a weird kind of way. My husband is not one for much baffoonery, so that says alot about his appreciation for this writer's work.

The vulgarity was something that my husband did not like, and said that he wished the writer would have toned it down. The story held his attention throughout, though, and deserved to be told without so much profanity.

A 4.5 star rating would be appropriate for Skinny Dip other than the colorful language, which brings it down to 3.5.

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Fun! An enjoyable read!
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Carl Hiaasen is always funny and this book is no exception to the rule. When Chaz pushes his wife overboard on their anniversary cruise he forgets she was the captain of her college swim team. She drifts up to a private island on a bale of marijuana and from there on the laughs and characters multiply on every page.
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Good read. Interesting characters. The book starts quickly and keeps your attention throughout.
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Awesome! I read it in one day! My first for Hiaasen but not the last!
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Quick entertaining read
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Extremely entertaining, and readable; won't win a pulitzer but a perfect crime read.
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Another great story with new and old characters.
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Hiaasen is just plan warped! But, he sure can write a great book! This was my fav of all of his that I've read.
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A crooked marine biologist kills his wife by pushing her overboard from a cruise liner. Unfortunately for him, she survives. Lots of twists and turns in this novel. Enjoyed reading this one.
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Serious ecological problems caused by society handled with humor and leaving you wondering "What else can go wrong". Writer creates great characters and tricky plots that work. Good read cover to cover.
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Fantastic read! I could not put it down.
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Bitingly satirical, quite zany, and most of all,
deeply satisfying. Laugh out loud funny.
One of Carl's best.
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A real fun book to read.
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There is a thin line between farce and stupid, fortunately Carl Hiaasen stays on the funny side. Another book that features the characters that only seem to inhabit the islands, coasts and Everglades of Florida. How about a tale that begins with a woman being pushed off a cruise ship by her husband and is saved when she happens upon a floating bale of Jamaican pot. Hang on, it is a wild, fun ride to the finish. Enjoy
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This story is vintage Hiaasen: takes place in Florida, is peripherally concerned with ecology, has vivid characters, and a plot revolving around greed. Ho hum. Except characters, plot, and background are over-the-top funny. When you read a Hiaasen story, you will laugh, of course, but two pages later, and have to go back to see if what you thought you read was actually printed. He writes outrageously funny stories and this one is no exception.
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Light fun read.