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Topic: Wish I could see conditions after acceptance

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Subject: Wish I could see conditions after acceptance
Date Posted: 9/11/2007 4:15 PM ET
Member Since: 3/25/2006
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I wish there were a way to see requester conditions after accepting the request. Sound strange? The problem is that if I receive two or three requests in a day, I can't always remember who requested extra tape, who wanted no plastic, and who wanted little tape.

If I could see the conditions after the fact, I could properly wrap each book. Instead, I have to guess or I have to PM the person.

Since I check my books to make sure they meet the conditions before I accept the request, that's not an issue for me. But sometimes special shipping requests get overwhelmed by senior moments :)

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 4:22 PM ET
Member Since: 3/20/2006
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That's a good idea.  It has never been an issue for me, since the requester conditions I get have always been about the books themselves, never shipping requirements, but I can see how it would be hard to remember those after the fact!

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 4:31 PM ET
Member Since: 9/2/2006
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hmmm if it were me, I would probably decline special shipping requests if they differ from my or or PBS standards.  I wrap every book in plastic, and use lots of tape as per wrapping instructions.  I especially would decline anyone who didn't want plastic or lots of tape, I under stand some might have difficulties but I don't want to lose out a credit due to a lost or damage due to poor wrapping.

You could try investing in a pad of post-its attaching special instructions to the book or the label until you're ready to mail, or possibly a standard pm to each receipent telling them that you try to accomidate special wrapping instructions but even if you fail on specifics that all your books are wrapped per PBS regulations and with due care to arrive safe and sound.  That gives them a chance to either remind you or cancel.

Don't feel bad my senior moments tend to run in marathons.  ;)


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Date Posted: 9/11/2007 6:08 PM ET
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up to this point that is something I haven't needed, but I can see how in certain situations it could be a valuable tool.  Have you brought the idea to the attention of R&R?

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 6:10 PM ET
Member Since: 1/8/2007
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Kathleen, send it to R&R using the feedback link at the bottom of the page. The worst thing that would happen is the status quo, right? :)

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 6:46 PM ET
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What a great idea! It would be nice if this appeared in the details thingie, perhaps...

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 6:46 PM ET
Member Since: 11/5/2005
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How about doing a screen shot of the conditions before you respond to them and emailing them to yourself or sticking them in notepad or a word document?

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 7:02 PM ET
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I use lots of tape. It's like wrapping presents, and I've always completely sucked at wrapping presents. I might order some of those plastic mailers someone suggested on ebay before I post more books.

Bast -
Date Posted: 9/11/2007 8:16 PM ET
Member Since: 6/4/2006
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Why not wait to accept when you have the time to package/wrap the books?

L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 9/11/2007 10:10 PM ET
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I have asked people in thr forums to please put a copy of your conditions in your profile.  That way, people can go back and re-check if they need to.

What I did when I mailed books was to print out the wrapper immediately and immediately note the conditions on the paper.  That way, all the data was together.

Date Posted: 9/12/2007 12:01 AM ET
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That's a good idea, LG, make a point, in your conditions, of saying that a repeat of your conditions can be found in your profile.  Perfect!

Date Posted: 9/12/2007 8:12 AM ET
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I've been in your situation before, and now I do the following:  accept the request and immediately print the wrapper.  Then I write specific (wrapping) conditions onto the back of the wrapper itself.


Jenny (Jenny) - ,
Date Posted: 9/12/2007 11:25 AM ET
Member Since: 12/13/2005
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Send feedback.

Back when I was testing the printable postage, I made the suggestion that the label options page needed to have the book noted somewhere on the page. (I was printing labels for multiple requests and checking the weight for postage with a scale-- it was very easy to get mixed up.) A few days later-- voila. And Robert sent me a nice PM thanking me for the suggestion.

Date Posted: 9/12/2007 11:39 AM ET
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Good suggestions, everyone.

I only accept a request after I've pulled the book and have it in hand. I usually print and wrap at the same time as I accept the request. I also use plenty of packing tape on my books, or, more frequently, use a manila envelope with lots of tape.

The real problem has arisen when I have several book requests on the same day. That's when I can forget which one is which.

I'm not complaining about several requests all at once - I've certainly had days and weeks with no requests!

Anyway, I'll make sure to print each wrapper right after accepting so I can make notes about any special shipping requests.

And I've sent this in as feedback.