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Alisa W. (AlisaLea) - : Books I've Read 2010

1. ? Born of Night ? ? Sherrilyn Kenyon

2.?? Born of Fire???? Sherrilyn Kenyon

3.?? Night Huntress???? Yasmine Galenorn

4.?? Bone Magic???? Yasmine Galenorn

5.?? Mortal Sins???? Eileen Wilks

6.?? On What Grounds???? Cleo Coyle

7.?? Through the Grinder???? Cleo Coyle

8.?? Latte Trouble???? Cleo Coyle

9.?? Murder Most Frothy???? Cleo Coyle

10.? Decaffeinated Corpse???? Cleo Coyle

11.? French Pressed???? Cleo Coyle

12.? Unleashed???? John Levitt

13.? Espresso Shot???? Cleo Coyle

14.? Holiday Grind???? Cleo Coyle

15.? Blood Magic???? Eileen Wilks

16.? Kitty's House of Horrors???? Carrie Vaughn

17.? Black Magic Sanction???? Kim Harrison

18.? Come Hell or High Water???? Michelle Bardsley

19.? First Drop of Crimson???? Jeaniene Frost

20.? What a Dragon Should Know???? G.A. Aiken

21.? Divine Misdemeanors???? Laurell K Hamilton

22.? Witch Way to Murder???? Shirley Damsgaard

23.? Charmed to Death???? Shirley Damsgaard

24. Trouble with Witches???? Shirley Damsgaard

25.? Witch Hunt???? Shirley Damsgaard

26.? The Witch is Dead??? Shirley Damsgaard

27.? The Witch's Grave???? Shirley Damsgaard

28.? The Seventh Witch???? Shirley Damsgaard

29.? The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein???? Minda Webber

30.? Shift???? Rachel Vincent

31.? Silver Borne???? Patricia Briggs

32.? The Vampire and the Virgin??? Kerrelyn Sparks

33.? Born to be Wild???? Christine Warren

34.? The Reluctant Miss Van Helsing???? Minda Webber

35.? Something from the Nightside???? Simon R. Green

36.? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter???? Seth Grahame-Smith

37.? Tales of the Otherworld???? Kelley Armstrong

38.? Tortured Skin???? James C. Gillen

39.? Agents of Light and Darkness???? Simon R. Green

40.? Changes???? Jim Butcher

41.? Nightengale's Lament???? Simon R. Green

42.? Hex and the City???? Simon R. Green

43.? Bitten by Cupid???? Palmer, Rush, Sands

44.? Bustin'???? Minda Webber

45.? Paths Not Taken???? Simon R. Green

46.? The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard???? Minda Webber

47.? Lover Mine???? J.R. Ward

48.? Crimes by Moonlight???? Anthology

49. Dead in the Family???? Charlaine Harris

50.? Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth???? Simon R. Green

51.? Witch Fire???? Anya Bast

52.? Witch Blood???? Anya Bast

53.? Witch Heart???? Anya Bast

54.? Witch Fury???? Anya Bast

55. The Passage???? Justin Cronin

56.? Hell to Pay???? Simon R. Green

57.? The Unnatural Inquirer???? Simon R. Green

58.? Glass Houses???? Rachel Caine

59.? The Daughters Grimm???? Minda Webber

60.? The Dead Girls' Dance???? Rachel Caine

61.? Midnight Alley???? Rachel Caine

62.? Feast of Fools???? Rachel Caine

63.? Lord of Misrule???? Rachel Caine

64.? Kitty Goes to War???? Carrie Vaughn

65.? Carpe Corpus???? Rachel Caine

66.? Fade Out???? Rachel Caine

67.? Kiss of Death???? Rachel Caine

68. Bound to Shadows???? Keri Arthur

69.? Moon Sworn???? Keri Arthur

70.? Roast Mortem???? Cleo Coyle

71.? Undead and Unfinished???? MaryJanice Davidson

72.? Waking the Witch???? Kelley Armstrong

73.? A Glimpse of Evil???? Victoria Laurie

74.? The Ghost and Mrs. McClure???? Alice Kimberly

75.? The Ghost and the Dead Deb???? Alice Kimberly

76.? The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library???? Alice Kimberly

77.? The Ghost and the Femme Fatale??? Alice Kimberly

78.? The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion???? Alice Kimberly

79.? Just Another Judgement Day???? Simon R. Green

80.? Dark and Stormy Knights???? Anthology

81.? Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme???? Carole Nelson Douglas

82.? Death's Excellent Vacation???? Anthology

83.? Cross Your Heart???? Michelle Bardsley

84.? Total Eclipse???? Rachel Caine

85.? Born to Bite???? Lynsay Sands

86.? Pleasure Unbound???? Larissa Ione

87.? Desire Unchained???? Larissa Ione

88.? The Eternal Kiss ??? Anthology

89.? Passion Unleashed???? Larissa Ione

90.? Ecstasy Unveiled???? Larissa Ione

91.? Sin Undone???? Larissa Ione

92.? Desire Untamed???? Pamela Palmer

93.? Obsession Untamed???? Pamela Palmer

94.? Passion Untamed???? Pamela Palmer

95.? Rapture Untamed???? Pamela Palmer

96.? A Perfect Darkness? Jaime Rush

97.? Out of the Darkness???? Jaime Rush

98.? Touching Darkness? Jaime Rush

99.? Eat Prey Love???? Kerrelyn Sparks

100. Side Jobs???? Jim Butcher

101. Sins of the Heart???? Eve Silver

102. Sins of the Soul???? Eve Silver

103. Sins of the Flesh???? Eve Silver

104. In The Company Of Vampires???? Katie MacAlister

105. Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here???? Christine Warren

106. Harvest Hunting???? Yasmine Galenorn

107. Covet???? J.R. Ward

108. Crave???? J.R. Ward

109. Dancing with the Devil???? Keri Arthur

110. Hearts in Darkness???? Keri Arthur

111. Chasing the Shadows??? Keri Arthur

112. Kiss the Night Good-bye???? Keri Arthur

113. The Magical Christmas Cat???? Anthology

114. Christmas with a Vampire???? Anthology

115. Kisses From Hell???? Anthology

116. Wicked Appetite???? Janet Evanovich

117. Zombies vs Unicorns???? Anthology

118.? Alpha???? Rachel Vincent

119. Three Days to Dead???? Kelly Meding

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Alisa W. (AlisaLea) - : Books I've Read 2009

1. Immortals: The Darkening Robin T. Popp January

2. Immortals: The Awakening Joy Nash

3. Dead After Dark Kenyon, Love, Squires, Ward

4. Immortals: The Gathering Jennifer Ashley

5. Immortals: The Redeeming Jennifer Ashley

6. Up In Smoke Katie MacAlister

7. Immortals: The Crossing Joy Nash

8. Immortals: The Haunting Robin T. Popp

9. The Rogue Hunter Lynsay Sands

10. Dark Prince Christine Feehan

11. Dark Desire Christine Feehan

12. Dark Gold Christine Feehan

13. Gale Force Rachel Caine

14. Moon Called Patricia Briggs

15. Blood Bound Patricia Briggs February

16. Iron Kissed Patricia Briggs

17. Glass Houses Rachel Caine

18. The Dead Girls' Dance Rachel Caine

19. Midnight Alley Rachel Caine

20. Blood Price Tanya Huff

21. Blood Trail Tanya Huff

22. Blood Lines Tanya Huff

23. Blood Pact Tanya Huff

24. Blood Debt Tanya Huff

25. Blood Bank Tanya Huff

26. A Secret Rage Charlaine Harris

27. Blood Lite Anthology

28. Men of the Otherworld Kelley Armstrong March

29. The Sun Witch Linda Winstead Jones

30. Smoke and Shadows Tanya Huff

31. Mean Streets Anthology

32. White Witch, Black Curse Kim Harrison

33. The Wild Road Marjorie M. Liu

34. Song in the Dark P.N. Elrod

35. Mona Lisa Awakening Sunny

36. Bone Crossed Patricia Briggs April

37. Mona Lisa Blossoming Sunny

38. Ghost of a Chance Yasmine Galenorn

39. Mona Lisa Craving Sunny

40. Mona Lisa Darkening Sunny

41. Legend of the Jade Dragon Yasmine Galenorn

42. Murder Under a Mystic Moon Yasmine Galenorn

43. A Harvest of Bones Yasmine Galenorn

44. One Hex of a Wedding Yasmine Galenorn

45. Turn Coat Jim Butcher

46. Circle of Fire Keri Arthur

47. Circle of Death Keri Arthur

48. The Rest Falls Away Colleen Gleason

49. Circle of Desire Keri Arthur

50. Rises the Night Colleen Gleason

51. The Bleeding Dusk Colleen Gleason

52. Wolf at the Door Christine Warren May

53. Exit Strategy Kelley Armstrong

54. She's No Faerie Princess Christine Warren

55. The Demon You Know Christine Warren

56. Plum Spooky Janet Evanovich

57. Dead and Gone Charlaine Harris

58. Howl at the Moon Christine Warren

59. Walk on the Wild Side Christine Warren

60. One Bite With A Stranger Christine Warren

61. Shadow Magic Cheyenne McCray

62. Dark Magic Cheyenne McCray

63. I'm the Vampire, That's Why Michele Bardsley June

64. You're So Vein Christine Warren

65. Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire Michele Bardsley

66. Because Your Vampire Said So Michele Bardsley

67. Wait till Your Vampire Gets Home Michele Bardsley

68. Secret Life of a Vampire Kerrelyn Sparks

69. The Immortal Hunter Lynsay Sands

70. Kitty and the Midnight Hour Carrie Vaughn

71. Kitty Goes to Washington Carrie Vaughn

72. Kitty Takes a Holiday Carrie Vaughn

73. Kitty and the Silver Bullet Carrie Vaughn

74. Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand Carrie Vaughn

75. Immortals: The Reckoning Nash, Ashley & Popp

76. Tempting Danger Eileen Wilks

77. Cravings Anthology

78. Mortal Danger Eileen Wilks

79. Faeries Gone Wild Anthology July

80. Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang Katie MacAlister

81. Skin Trade Laurell K Hamilton

82. Forbidden Nights with a Vampire Kerrelyn Sparks

83. Blood Lines Eileen Wilks

84. Deadly Desire Keri Arthur

85. Called Out Of Darkness Anne Rice

86. Phantom in the Night Sherrilyn Kenyon

87. Date Me, Baby, One More Time Stephanie Rowe

88. Must Love Dragons Stephanie Rowe

89. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot Stephanie Rowe

90. Dragon Actually G.A. Aiken

91. About a Dragon G.A. Aiken

92. Stray Rachel Vincent

93. Prodigal Son Dean Koontz

94. City of Night Dean Koontz August

95. Undead and Unwelcome MaryJanice Davidson

96. Finger Lickin' Fifteen Janet Evanovich

97. Dead and Alive Dean Koontz

98. The Fire King Marjorie M. Liu

99. Dark Lover J.R. Ward

100. Rouge Rachel Vincent

101. Lover Eternal J.R. Ward

102. Lover Awakened J.R. Ward

103. Pride Rachel Vincent

104. Lover Revealed J.R. Ward

105. Lover Unbound J.R. Ward

106. Lover Enshrined J.R. Ward

107. Over My Dead Body Michele Bardsley September

108. Kitty Raises Hell Carrie Vaughn

109. Holiday with a Vampire Pineiro, Child

110. Lover Avenged J.R. Ward

111. The Time Traveler's Wife Audrey Niffenegger

112. Bond of Blood Diane Whiteside

113. Night Season Eileen Wilks

114. Prey Rachel Vincent

115. Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy Stephanie Rowe

116. Night Huntress Yasmine Galenorn October

117. Demon Mistress Yasmine Galenorn

118. High Season Jon Loomis

119. The Renegade Hunter Lynsay Sands

120. A Princess of Landover Terry Brooks

121. Hot for the Holidays Anthology

122. Big Bad Wolf Christine Warren

123. When Twilight Burns Colleen Gleason

124. Midnight Cravings Anthology

125. Covet J.R. Ward

126. Frostbitten Kelley Armstrong

127. Cape Storm Rachel Caine

128. Halfway to the Grave Jeaniene Frost

129. One Foot in the Grave Jeaniene Frost

130. Must Love Hellhounds Anthology

131. At Grave's End Jeaniene Frost November

132. Unbound Anthology

133. Destined for an Early Grave Jeaniene Frost

134. As Shadows Fade Colleen Gleason

135. Mating Season Jon Loomis

136. Dark Road Rising P.N. Elrod

137. Cat in a Sapphire Slipper Carole Nelson Douglas

138. Cat in a Topaz Tango Carole Nelson Douglas

140. Better Read Than Dead Victoria Laurie

141. A Vision of Murder Victoria Laurie

142. Killer Insight Victoria Laurie December

143. Crime Seen Victoria Laurie

144. Death Perception Victoria Laurie

145. Holiday With A Vampire III Jones, Childs, Vanak

146. Dog Days John Levitt

147. Strange Brew Anthology

148. New Tricks John Levitt

149. Doom With A View Victoria Laurie

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