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Doaty S. (doatylucky): Writing

It seems that my writing is taking off. I'm very excited. I've been published in small magazines and Playboy just bought a story (but heck, we all know nobody reads the words in that). I'm really excited. I write as MJ Benjamin because I'm so proud of my children. Maggie, Benjamin, and Jillian. They are my inspiration, not just for writing, but for life. I hope they know that.

Entry added on 11/3/2009 12:05 PM
Doaty S. (doatylucky): writing

Please comment on my essays and Poems on the Eclectic Pen. I trust that my friends here at PBS and their opinions can only make me better. I like to keep things short. Thanks!

Men and Books

My Almost Happiness


Survival, What a Joke

Who Said?

Entry added on 8/22/2009 7:49 PM
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