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Bach, Beethoven, and the Boys: Music History As It Ought to Be Taught
Review Date: 5/6/2012

I grew up reading translation of this series of "as it ought to be taught" books, and had great fun reading them, partly because of the author's humorous writing, partly because of the fun facts that other music history book wouldn't mention.
As a conservatory student, I read them again, just to recall some childhood memories. However, now I must strongly disagree the title, perhaps it's also meant to be a joke, it certainly isn't the way "music history as it ought to be taught" in the serious way.
Though, this series is surely a very fun start for music history learning.

Evening in the Palace of Reason: Bach Meets Frederick the Great in the Age of Enlightenment
Review Date: 7/7/2012

I have enjoyed reading this book, it's easy to read - requires no special musical knowledge to comprehend. It is a dual biography of J.S. Bach and Fredrick the Great. The book starts with reporting an event in which these two person met, then begins to outline the stories of their lives.
It's a great book to begin studying Bach, as it also explains a lot about the society at that time. My teacher recommends it to familiarize names and places with it, but once again reminds that good reading sometimes involves fictionalized writing.

Picking Up: On the Streets and Behind the Trucks with the Sanitation Workers of New York City
Review Date: 5/20/2016

Love this book, very pleasant read and it's easy enough for non-native English speaker to enjoy.
Anyone who has lived in NYC would find it especially fascinating as one knows how messed up the city can be if the trash weren't picked up in time. The book also talks about the huge storm in 2010, which many New Yorker had experienced., from the Sanitation workers' perspective.

Talk to the Snail: Ten Commandments for Understanding the French
Talk to the Snail: Ten Commandments for Understanding the French
Author: Stephen Clarke
Book Type: Hardcover
  • Currently 4.6/5 Stars.
Review Date: 5/21/2012

I bought it for a friend who is going to study in Paris. I thought I would just "have a look", then I couldn't stop. It's a very fun book to read.

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