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See How the Wish List Works for the information about how the Wish List works.

The following changes were introduced on 10/6/2009, and improved in 2010:

  • New feature!  You can sort your Wish List more ways now:
    • estimate (our estimate of when the book may become available to you: ASC will show the books in the following order: those with a 1-week estimate; those currently available from the PBS Market, and then books with increasing time-to-availablility)
    • PBS Market (PBS Market ASC shows books currently for sale NEW in the PBS Market at the top of the list)
    • position (your position in the lines for the books; ASC shows books for which you are near the front of the line at the top of the list)
    • title (alphabetically; ASC shows A - Z, top to bottom of the list)
    • author (alphabetically by author's last name),
    • date (date you added it to your Wish List),
    • hold (ASC will show books on Wish List Hold at the top of the list)
    • active (ASC will show active wishes at the top of the list)
    • autorequest (auto-request ASC shows auto-requested books at the top of the list)
  • New feature! Putting your whole Wish List on Hold:
    • To do this, you choose "check all" at the top of the list and then click "Hold checked"
      • this will preserve your "place in line" in the Wish List but your Wish will not be active
      • this hold will also make auto-requested wishes INACTIVE.
      • You can do this page by page or do the whole Wish List by checking the additional box that appears when you check the "check all" box
    • You may want to do this for example if you have no credits to accept Wish List books, but you still want your Bookshelf to be active, so you can send out books to earn credits.
  • New feature! You can also put individual items on hold if you are not ready to accept those items when they are offered to you
    • to do this, check the box to the left of the item and click Hold Checked. 
    • This will preserve your "place in line" for the book but make the wish INACTIVE
    • Note: items on hold still count toward the 200-item limit on the Wish List. 
  • New feature!   Default auto-request option
    • You can now set the default at the top of the Wish List to choose auto-request for your future wishes - if you check this box, it will not affect any existing Wishes on your list, but all Wishes added while the box is checked will be set to auto-request by default.
    • Unchecking the box will not affect the settings on any items already on your list, but all wishes added to your list while the box is UNchecked will be added with the 48-hour offer option (NOT set to auto-request).
  • New feature!  Auto-request options are now color-coded for at-a-glance list management
    • Items set to auto-request will be green
    • Items on hold will be red
    • Items not on hold and not set to auto-request will have no color applied.
    • If you put an auto-request item on hold, it will turn red.