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Dear Members,

It's hard to believe that almost a year has passed since the terrible devastation of Hurricane Katrina. PaperBackSwap members pulled together in the months afterward and donated more than 4,000 books to those in need before we were asked to "hold" book shipments—the New Orleans Public Library had no place to store them!

Since then, many of you have inquired about when you will be able to send books to the libraries of New Orleans. You have not forgotten Katrina or its victims. We are glad to tell you now that, although the New Orleans Public Library is still rebuilding, we have managed to find a local company there that is willing to store our donations until the library is ready to receive them. We finally have an address for you!

The New Orleans Public Library is asking for any and all hardcover and paperback books in an effort to restock the shelves after Katrina. The library staff will assess which titles will be designated for its collections. The rest will be distributed to destitute families or sold for library fundraising.

Please send all book donations to:
Rica A. Trigs, Public Relations
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112

If you tell the post office that they are for the library in New Orleans, they will give you the library rate, which is slightly less than the book rate.

Many, many thanks to our PaperBackSwap family for pulling together to help other booklovers in a time of desperate need!

Richard & Robert
Co-Founders, PaperBackSwap


SwapaCDSwapaCD (www.swapacd.com) launched on August 7, 2006! Within 2 weeks, we had over 3,000 members, and more than 18,000 CDs available for swapping! You can easily transfer your PBS account information to your membership at SwapaCD--just click the CD icon at the top right of the PBS banner to do this. Also, did you know that you can transfer credits back and forth between sites? Turn books into CDs, and vice versa! Check out SwapaCD—it’s as good as it sounds.

PBS Delivery Confirmation is going like gangbusters! Many of you are taking advantage of the Quick Credit/Guaranteed Credit feature, and enjoying watching your books get scanned as they travel to their new homes. Less expensive than DC purchased through the PO, and Guaranteed Credit to boot! You can find out more about this feature by reading the items under "PBS Delivery Confirmation" in the Help Center.

The Help Center Oh, didn’t we mention that? You may have noticed the new gold button in the left menu of every page on the site. The old PBS FAQs have been rewritten, updated, and given a facelift. We are still adding items as need arises, but you should be able to find the answers to most of your questions about the site with just a couple of clicks. Click the gold "heading" buttons (the ones with the arrows to their left) to reveal a list of Help Center items in a dropdown menu. There is also a Quick Help box on the right side of the page, for those questions very frequently asked. Please explore the Help Center before contacting us with a question—as the club grows larger, we are having a hard time keeping up with feedback messages, and we want to continue to be responsive to those questions that need personal attention. The old FAQs were difficult to wade through; we hope the Help Center will…well, help! Even experienced members might learn something new there—take a look!

APO/FPO Membership We have hated the need to exclude these addresses from the club. There are a lot of factors involved in shipping to and from APO/FPO addresses, and for a while we just didn't have the features in place to make this feasible. But we have been working very hard to find a way to open PBS to our military, and are thrilled to announce a "pilot program" for membership for those at APO/FPO addresses! If you have such an address, or know someone who has one and might like to join PBS, have him or her contact us. We are so happy to be able to provide a source of books to these women and men serving our country. There will be more information about APO/FPO addresses in the Help Center soon; we can’t wait to get this off the ground.

Wish List Size Restriction Everyone has now had sufficient time (nearly 6 months!) to edit his or her Wish List down to the limit of 200 books. The limit will be enforced on September 5, 2006. Any wish list having more than 200 books after August 31 will be edited by the PBS system. The system will first remove books for which the wishing member is furthest from the "front of the line". After doing this, if more than 200 items still remain on a list, the computer will remove items for which the member is "1 out of 1" people wishing for the book. If you’ve been procrastinating, don't put it off any longer: trim your Wish List now!

Happy with your PBS Nickname? Please be sure that you are, because PBS Nicknames will become permanent on September 5, 2006. If the one you have now is not to your liking, please change it as soon as possible in the Public Profile section of your Account Settings. Instructions on how to do this are available in the Help Center, under "How do I choose a PBS Nickname?" under "Getting Started" or "The PBS Community". (You can read more about the Account Settings in the item "What’s in the Account Settings?" under “Account Options”.)

Multiple-book requests and PBS-DC The "Order More Books from this Member" button allows requestors to link requests together in a "bulk order" that can be handled as one transaction. Shipping books together saves postage, and also the DC barcode generated by printing a wrapper for a bulk request will earn Quick Credits for ALL books in the shipment when it is scanned and the information is transmitted to PBS! However, if you receive multiple requests from one member who did not use the "Order More Books from this Member" button to link the requests together, each individual DC barcode on each wrapper will carry the code for only THAT book. Requests can’t be linked together after the fact. So if you receive more than one request in a day, and you plan to use PBS DC on the wrapper, take a peek at the address for each request first (download it WITHOUT the PBS DC option), BEFORE you print with PBS-DC. If multiple books are going to the same address, you can simply print ONE of the DC wrappers to send them all together. It still means you will get only one Quick Credit for the wrapper you use, but it will spare you having printed (and paying for) extra DC barcodes that you won’t be using. You will get the other credits for the rest of the books in the shipment when they arrive and are marked received. We are working on a way to "alert" senders to multiple book requests submitted individually, but so far have not found an efficient way to do this.


Dear R&R—I sent a book with PBS-DC, and it was delivered! I got my Quick Credit, but why isn't the requestor marking the book received? Help! –Left in the Lurch in MT

Dear Lurch: Don't fret! The requestor may be on vacation (a lot of people take vacations at this time of year), and may not have gotten home to mark your book received yet. Also, sometimes USPS scans a book as"“delivered" when it has made it to the local PO, a day or two before the book is actually delivered to the requestor’s mailbox. If your book is declared Lost in the Mail, the requestor can still mark it received from the Lost in Mail list accessible from the right-hand menu of the account page. If the book isn't marked received by two weeks after the delivery date, let us know. In the meantime, use your Quick Credit to request another book. Time passes quickly when you're reading!

Dear R&R—I keep getting these emails asking me if I have received a book, but I am away from home! How do I know if the book has arrived? Will I be in trouble if I don’t mark the book received before I get home? --On the Road in CO

Dear OTR: You got Lurch's book, didn't you? Don't worry too much about those email reminders—if you return from your vacation, and mark the book received then (if it has arrived), all will be well! The computer knows when your bookshelf is "on vacation" but still sends these emails anyway. The Vacation/Hold feature does not prevent notifications about ongoing transactions (books requested by or from you before you enacted the Hold), so you will continue to get these kinds of emails from PBS. Just put it on your To Do list for after you get home, and enjoy your vacation! If the book has been declared lost in the mail before you return, just mark it received from your "lost in mail" list, accessible from the right-hand menu of your account page. You can read more about the Vacation/Hold feature in the Help Center then if you like, in the Help Center item "Can I put my bookshelf on hold/vacation?" (in the Quick Help box on the right-hand side of the Help Center page). Do that when you get back—for now, apply more sunscreen, and relax with a good book.

Dear R&R—I put my bookshelf on vacation because I won’t be able to get to the Post Office for a week or two. I posted books to be ready for when I come back, but they are being requested! Is the Hold working? --Panicked in PA

Dear Pip: First, check to make sure that the Hold was applied properly. If there is a pink message on your account page (in the box for the Message from the Librarian), then the Hold is in place and working. But the Vacation/Hold feature won’t hide newly posted books from the membership. When you placed your bookshelf on hold, only the books that were on it at the time were earmarked to be "hidden". If you post any new items with your bookshelf on hold, they will be visible to the membership! Make sure that you post only books that you are prepared to send out when they are requested. If you want to "get a jump on things" in the meantime, you can put the books you want to post on your TBR (To Be Read) List, accessible from the dropdown menu under "Book Lists" on the right of your account page, and easily post them later (when you are ready to accept requests for them) from there, with one click!


New Items at the PBS Store!

The PBS Tote is a huge success, and we agree with all the feedback we have gotten: I finally broke down and ordered the tote bag. Everyone has raved about it and I really needed a bigger tote than what I had. As long as I was at it, since shipping is flat rate of $8.10, I ordered the mugs, some pens and a couple of magnets. The order came today! Not only was I impressed with how quickly they sent it, but I have to rave about the tote too. It's huge! It's sturdy! It has pockets! It has the PBS logo on it- great for spreading the word without saying a word! I like how the bottom is blue so it won't show the dirt as quickly. The mugs, pens and magnets are nice too, but that tote is WOW! -- Jerri C. (ZepFan)

We have heard your suggestions, and have been searching far and wide for similar great values to offer in the store. September will bring several of these: PBS mousepads, travel mugs (in various colors and color combinations), keychain tags, and PBS stickers! And…BookMate book covers in a multitude of colors and designs! These will be the featured item for the first ever PBS "Back to school (and hitting the books) sale"! Prices on the BookMate book covers will increase on September 15, so order early and save! PBS will be the only online used book swapping site to offer these attractive and practical items. We will also be offering extended T-shirt sizes; these will need to be special-ordered in advance (there is a minimum quantity per order, so we need to accumulate a number of prepaid orders). If you want a T-shirt in a special size, send the store an email (store@paperbackswap.com), stating quantity and size. As soon as we receive enough orders, we will bring in inventory and email you to place your order. Remember, your PBS Store purchase not only tells the world how much you love the club, but helps support the site at the same time. We "feel the love"—and thank you!