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Dear Members,

Getting ready for Thanksgiving, everyone?  Football, food and friends...what a great day!  Yes, there's a lot of work to get ready, but we shouldn't forget to take time for fun.  In that spirit, we not only have a new PBS NewsWire contest for you, but we also have created a new feature - Market Madness!  During Market Madness, every book you purchase in the PBS Market gets you a chance to win free book credits in a weekly drawing.  Read the details in NEWS below.

But first, the winner of the October contest!  If you recall, the challenge was to order six Stephen King books according to how many times each was swapped here at PBS, from most-swapped to least-swapped.  The books were Firestarter, Misery, Duma Key, The Stand, Cujo and Carrie.  The correct order was The Stand, Duma Key, Carrie, Misery, Firestarter and Cujo.  We had many near-misses, but only a few totally correct answers.  From those correct answers we chose one lucky winner...drumroll, please...Catherine L. ! 10 free book credits have been deposited into her account.   Congratulations to Catherine, and our thanks to everyone who played.

Remember that in between all the shopping/cooking/cleaning of the month, there's always time for a good book!

We hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving,

Richard and
The PaperBackSwap Team

NEWSLETTER CONTEST #2 - Thanks Are in Order!

The Challenge:  Put the following 5 books from the current Top 50 list of wished-for books in descending order of the number of copies posted and swapped in the month of September, 2010.  Arrange them by MOST copies swapped in September to LEAST copies swapped in September.   Then take a moment to give thanks for all of the booklovers here, who share their wonderful books with each other every day!

Newsletter imageNewsletter imageNewsletter imageNewsletter imageNewsletter image

A. Omnivore's Dilemma - B. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - C.The Help - D. House Rules E. Dead in the Family

>>>>>> The prize is 10 Book Credits! <<<<<<


Each member may submit one guess.  Guesses can be sent in a Personal Message to Gamester. (Please note: guesses sent in by any other means - email, feedback, PM to any account but Gamester- will not count and will be discarded.)   The winner will be chosen randomly from all of the correct answers submitted by the time the next Newsletter goes to press, and the winner will be announced in the next Newsletter.


Cruise Ahoy, PBS Mateys!  Set Sail on a Cruise to the Bahamas for PBS Members, February 4 - 9, 2012.  Your Tour Guides have been busy arranging a Cruise to the Bahamas for members and their guests sailing from Jacksonville, Florida in February 2012.  Come and meet friends from PBS and enjoy 5 days on a wonderful cruise, with special get-togethers and lots of fun surprises and activities.  Register for the cruise on the webpage the travel agency has set up.  For information from a Cruise Committee Tour Guide, send an email to pbscruise@hotmail.com or post in the Discussion Forum topicNote: Please don't send in Feedback, as PaperBackSwap is not coordinating this event.


Market Market Madness means you can win free book credits!  Don't start your holiday shopping before checking out the PBS Market selections of New Overstock books and brand-new Super Sellers - inventory is updated continuously.  And during Market Madness, your Market purchases may win you free book credits!  Beginning November 6th, each Market book purchased will count for one entry in a random drawing.  Every Friday (beginning Nov 12th) until the end of the year, two lucky Market purchasers will each get 5 free credits.  That means if you buy 5 books (shipped separately or together), you'll have 5 "tickets" in that week's random drawing.  Remember that it's much more economical to buy multiple books in a shipment, so group your purchases to save!


iPhone AppiPhone app now available!  iPhone users,we're happy to announce that member Gabriel Cox has created the Mobile Book Swap app, available in the App Store for a measly $1.99 .  We demo'd it in beta and were blown away. The crowning feature is the ability to scan - scan an ISBN to see how many wishers there are, or to add the book to your own Wish List, or to post it to your Bookshelf.  Find the app in the App store by searching for "Paperbackswap" or "Book Swap."  Gabriel tells us he has an Android version in the works also.  If you are developing a mobile app for PBS or SwapaCD or SwapaDVD, please let us know.


The PBS Market has the cure for holiday stress!   Come here for cookbooks, Christmas shopping, or your next great "me time" read... 


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A Quilter's Holiday by Jennifer Chiaverini . For the Elm Creek Quilters, the day after Thanksgiving marks the start of the quilting season, a time to gather at Elm Creek Manor and spend the day stitching holiday gifts for loved ones. This year, in keeping with the season's spirit of gratitude, each quilter will select an object that symbolizes something he or she is especially thankful for, and place it into the centerpiece cornucopia...A Quilter's Holiday is a story of holiday spirit, in its truest, most generous sense.  A great gift for any quilter.

Retail Price: $19.99
Buy New (Hardcover): $10.09+1 credit (save 49%) or $13.49 (save 32%)


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The Missing by Shiloh Walker .  As a teenager, Taige Branch hated her psychic gift. No one could understand - except for Cullen Morgan, the boy who stole her heart. He did his best to accept her, until his mother was brutally murdered - and he couldn't forgive Taige for not preventing it.  Now a widowed father, Cullen Morgan's beloved little girl has been kidnapped, and Taige is his only hope of finding her…  A great gift for your sister or best friend, or anyone who loves paranormal romance.

Retail Price: $14.00
Buy New (Paperback): $1.59+1 credit (save 88%) or $4.99 (save 64%)

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Biggest Loser Family Cookbook: Budget-Friendly Meals Your Whole Family Will Love by Devin Alexander, Biggest Loser Experts and Cast, Melissa Roberson   Healthy, calorie-conscious and thrifty meals designed to please, and feed, the whole family.   Sneak some healthy alternatives into your holiday menus, with no one the wiser! This is a terrific book for the family who wants to be healthier without sacrificing taste - or ruining the grocery budget.  Almost any cook will appreciate this book!

Retail Price: $21.95
Buy New (Paperback): $11.09+1 credit (save 49%) or $14.49 (save 33%)


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If... by Evelyn McFarlane, James Saywell.  In an elegant, two-color format, punctuated with intriguing drawings, this book/game poses hundreds of questions ranging from practical to maddening, moral to hilarious--which, if read alone, inspire self-exploration; if shared, spark fascinating discussions at gatherings, dinner parties, or meetings.  Bring it along to your holiday gatherings.  Makes a perfect gift for a co-worker - at this price, you can give it to everyone you know!

Retail Price: $12.95
Buy New (Hardcover): $2.09+1 credit (save 83%) or $5.49 (save 57%)
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I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This: And Other Things That Strike Me as Funny by Bob Newhart There has never been another comedian like Bob Newhart. His comedy albums, movies, and two hit television series have made him a national treasure and placed him firmly in the pantheon of comedy legends. Now, at last, Newhart puts his brilliant and hysterical world view on paper. A hilarious combination of stories from his career and observations about life.  A perfect gift for dads, uncles or granddads - or any classic-comedy aficionado.

Retail Price: $14.95
Buy New (Paperback): $1.59+1 credit (save 89%) or $4.99 (save 66%)

Hearth and home...   These "curl-up-and-read" books are all available for swapping right now:

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We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates . The Mulvaneys are blessed by all that makes life sweet... a hardworking father, a loving mother, three fine sons, and a bright, pretty daughter. They are confident in their love for each other and their position in the rural community of Mt. Ephraim, New York. But something happens on Valentine's Day, 1976... an incident that is hushed up in the town and never spoken of in the Mulvaney home... that rends the fabric of their family life... with tragic consequence.   See other general fiction books currently available for swapping. 


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The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke.  After escaping from their cruel aunt and uncle, orphans Prosper and Bo meet a mysterious boy who calls himself he "Thief Lord." Clever and charming, the Thief Lord leads a band of street children who enjoy making mischief. But the Thief Lord also has a dark secret. And suddenly Prosper and Bo find themselves on a fantastical journey to a forgotten place. What they discover there will change the course of their destiny... forever.  See other Young Adult selections currently available for swapping.

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The Hidden Life of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas.  In this beautiful account, based on thirty years of living with and observing dogs, wolves and dingoes, novelist and anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas brings us a completely new understanding of dogs. We meet Misha, a friend's husky, whom Thomas followed on his daily rounds of more than 130 square miles, and who ultimately provided the simple and surprising answer to the question What do dogs want most?  This unforgettable chronicle "brims with insight and respect" (Emily Mitchell, Time International)....See other books about Animal Care and Pets currently available for swapping.



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  The Preacher's Daughter by Beverly Lewis  This book begins a remarkable journey of heartache and homespun delight -- a series readers will find impossible to forget. Paradise, Pennsylvania, is likened to a little slice of heaven on earth, but for Annie Zook -- the preacher's eldest daughter -- it seems like a dead-end street.  Because of the strict rules that guide the Plain community, she must continually squelch her artistic passion, although it has become her solace. In her signature style, with character depth and unexpected plot twists, beloved novelist Beverly Lewis once again opens the door to the world of the Amish.   Browse other Christian Fiction currently available for swapping.  


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PBS Local Chapter News

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The PBS Arizona Gamers "Reunion 2010" : From left to right, Cozi (CozSnShine), Heather F (AZmom875), Maria (SassenachD), Sue
Sue-in-AZ), Kathy (katzpawz), Kathy (Nellie)

The Arizona Gamers group reports: "We had our first get together in 2 years to welcome Sass to Arizona (she just moved here from Maryland)..Cozi and Katz drove out here to specially welcome her and to deliver pumpkin pie pop tarts and coffee for the coffee swap..New to our group is Sue, and we just love her. Next meeting will be taking place in Sass' abnormally large master bathroom. We will be using video cams for whoever wants to join us..."  Thanks to Kathy (Nellie) for this report.

New Local Chapter Leaders:

If you want to be a Local Chapter Leader for PBS, you just need to have a PBS NIckname, a viewable public profile, and some organizational skills...check the Local Chapter Leaders Forum List of Official Chapters to see if your area already has a local Chapter.  If not, and you want to do this, just contact us.  There are no formal guidelines for being a Chapter Leader.  All of the information is in the Local Chapter Leader Discussion Forum topic.    If you are an official Chapter Leader and want us to include your upcoming meetup in the Newsletter, send in a message to us with the date, at least a week before the end of the preceding month.


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Newsletter image

Geri R. (geejay)

  Geri drew nominations from a number of different groups at PBS. She is one of our Tour Guides, and has gotten a lot of nominations from grateful new members whom she has advised, as well as other Tour Guides.  Geri's second "hat" is that of Data Collection Volunteer, and her third is Image Collection Approver.  Gina recently completed an enormous project of getting Large Print Mystery books documented correctly in the club database- a huge undertaking, and a wonderful boon for our Large Print readers.  Last year, Geri was also part of a group of members who got a new laptop for a PBS member in need. 

Some things we have heard about Geri:

"She has been a wonderful Tour Guide!"

"She works tirelessly to enhance this site for its members ... in Data, Imaging or Live Help..she encourages others to join the teams, patiently teaches members who submit edits the proper process and is always upbeat."

"Geejay (Geri) is a wonderful approver. She always educates, never criticizes, and rarely gets any recognition for all her quiet work behind the lines. And she does a ton of it!"

"Geri is such a team player - always quick with a compliment or a "hang in there" when you're having a difficult day."

"Geri should be Member of the Month for so many reasons - probably most members using the club have benefited from her work, and never even know it!"

Geri, is there anything you can't do?  You are our Member of the Month for November.  Congratulations!


If you have any nominations for Member of the Month, submit them to us hereYour nomination will not "expire"--anyone you nominate will have a chance at getting Member of the Month if enough nominations accumulate over time. Each month the person who has the most votes accumulated when the Newsletter goes to press gets to be Member of the Month and gets a newsletter mention and a nifty MoM icon to wear on profile and forum posts with pride.  So go for it! Tell us who's helped you in the Forums, who's been a great swapper, who in your opinion is a credit to PBS.  We are keeping a list of all the nominated members.  Who knows--one of them might be YOU!


Dear Librarian - Yesterday I got a book wrapped in the sender's credit card statement!  He used the PBS wrapper but the book was big and needed extra paper to cover it.  But a credit card statement?  I had his credit card number, name, address, everything.  I was shocked that in this age of identity theft someone would be so careless with his personal information! - Amazed in Altoona

Dear Amy,

At PaperbackSwap we are very much in favor of reduce/reuse/recycle, and we love it when members repurpose materials in their book-packaging, but personal safety must trump environmental concerns, so Members, please don't use paper with sensitive information on it to wrap your books!  Shred that paperwork (and recycle the shredded paper) and use other, neutral paper for supplemental packaging materials.  We want our members to protect themselves as well as their books when they package - let's all stay safe AND green!  You can read more about wrapping books in the Help Center.

The Last Word:

  • Scheduled site downtime.  The site will be down for scheduled maintenance/upgrades on Saturday, November 20th, 2010, in the wee hours of the morning.  Don't worry if you get the "maintenance" screen during that time - we'll be back online soon.
  • Newsletter image As always, don't forget to start your Amazon shopping from the link at the top of the PBS site - when you do this, a small percentage of your purchase amount comes to us.  Please note that if you are an e-book reader, it used to be that e-book purchases at Amazon did not count to support the PBS site, but now they do!  So be sure that whenever you plan to purchase on Amazon, that you start from the Amazon link at the top of the PBS site. It's an easy, free way to support the club!