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Dear Members,

The air is getting cool, the kids are back in school, it's well into September - is there something to remember?

Oh yes.

We don't want to be the first to mention it, but...we know you.  We know that you would like to give books to every booklover on your holiday list, and you also love a bargain.  Does that sound like you?  We thought so.  We know that you can sprint down your Christmas list with one good shopping session in our PBS Market.  For ridiculously low prices.  And if you buy a bunch of books at one time, it reduces the shipping cost per book.  In the PBS Market, you can do what you can do *nowhere else on earth* - you can use a PaperBackSwap Book Credit to help pay for a new book.

So why are we mentioning this now, not even into October?  It's not that we're trying to torture you!  We mention it now because we want the Market to work for your gift-shopping, and sometimes our shipping times can be long.  Overstock books ship pretty quickly (within 3 business days, usually), but Super Sellers take longer.  That's because we use our PaperBackSwap power to get Super Seller books directly from the publishers - they are shipped to us, and we check them to be sure that they are in good condition, and then we pack and mail them to you.  We work as fast as we can on this, but we can't compete with Amazon's speed.  We do offer what Amazon can't: (1) the ability to pay part of the cost with a PaperBackSwap Book Credit and (2) the incentive to plan ahead!  That's why it's important to tell you now - to give you a healthy head-start on your Market shopping.  Everything (the publisher fulfillment, the mail) slows a bit during the Christmas season, so Super Seller orders should ideally be in by the first week in November, if you want to have them under the tree.  Chanukah orders should be in by mid-October.

And remember, if you do want to buy from Amazon, you can use the link at the top of the PaperBackSwap site. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

We know it may be a bummer, hearing "Christmas" when you're barely done with summer - But we also know that the alert will help you more than it hurts!

And that's a rap! 

From the Bad Rapping and Punning Time Out corner,

Richard and
The PaperBackSwap Team

These popular books are available to order in the club right now!

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  Hope in a Jar by Beth Harbison.  Twenty years ago, Allie Denty was the pretty one and her best friend Olivia Pelham was the smart one. Throughout high school, they were inseparable…until a vicious rumor about Olivia— a rumor too close to the truth—ended their friendship. Now it's the eve of their 20th high school reunion...is it time to reconcile?

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The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery  In the center of Paris, in an elegant apartment building inhabited by bourgeois families, two souls hide themselves in plain view: Rena', the concierge, is a cultured autodidact who adores art, philosophy, music, and Japanese culture. Paloma, one of the buildings' residents, is a talented and startlingly lucid child who has decided to end her life on her thirteenth birthday. Amoving, funny, triumphant novel that exalts the quiet victories of the inconspicuous among us.

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The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry  Four presidents of the United States have been assassinated -- in 1865, 1881, 1901, and 1963 -- each murder seemingly unrelated. — But what if those presidents were all killed for the shocking same reason: a clause contained in the United States Constitution? Former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone must break a secret cipher originally possessed by Thomas Jefferson, unravel a mystery concocted by Andrew Jackson, and unearth a document forged by the Founding Fathers themselves.

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  Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet  by Jamie Ford  Henry Lee is a 12-year-old Chinese boy in World War II Seattle whose father makes him wear an "I am Chinese" button everywhere he goes because Japanese residents of Seattle have begun to be shipped off by the thousands to relocation centers.  Henry has a secret: he has fallen in love with Keiko Okabe, a 12-year-old Japanese girl in his class.  Will they be able to overcome the circumstances that separate them?
Newsletter image   Every Secret Thing by Laura Lippman  Two little girls banished from a neighborhood birthday party find an abandoned stroller with an infant inside on an unfamiliar Baltimore street. What happens next is shocking and terrible, causing the irreparable devastation of three separate families...

Sometimes the discounts are unbelievable in the PBS Market! Like these hardcover books, over $20 retail but less than $5 new with a Book Credit:

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The Sisters  by Nancy Jensen Growing up in hardscrabble Kentucky in the 1920s, with their mother dead and their stepfather an ever-present threat, Bertie Fisher and her older sister Mabel have no one but each other...this is a dazzling debut novel about the family bonds that remain even when they seem irretrievably torn apart.

Hardcover Retail Price: $24.99  
In the PBS Market: $2.79+1 credit (save 88%) or $6.69 (save 73%)


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Undead and Unstable by MaryJanice Davidson Ever since Betsy and Laura returned from visiting her mom in hell, Laura's been acting increasingly peculiar.  Maybe it's Laura's new job offer: Satan's replacement down under.  Unfortunately, the position comes at a damnable price: killing Betsy, her own flesh and blood. The latest in the hugely popular Undead/Queen Betsy series.

Hardcover Retail Price: $25.95  
In the PBS Market: $3.39+1 credit (save 86%) or $7.29 (save 71%) !
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The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach  At Westish College, a small school on the shore of Lake Michigan, baseball star Henry Skrimshander seems destined for big league stardom. But when a routine throw goes disastrously off course, the fates of five people are upended.  If you missed this critically-acclaimed bestseller, now's the time!

Hardcover Retail Price: $27.99 
In the PBS Market: $4.49+1 credit (save 83%) or $8.39 (save 70%)

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This Life is in Your Hands by Melissa Coleman  One summer day when Melissa is seven, her three-year-old sister drowns in a pond where they often played. What really happened, and who, if anyone, is to blame? A riveting, true story told by the person who lived it.

Hardcover Retail Price: $25.99  
In the PBS Market (Paperback): $2.79+1 credit (save 89%) or $6.69 (save 74%)
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Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang  by Chelsea Handler  Get ready for big laughs as Chelsea Handler lets loose with more comic personal essays...page after page of irreverent humor, biting wit, and deliciously off-kilter entertainment.

Hardcover Retail Price: $25.99  
In the PBS Market  $3.39+1 credit (save 86%) or $7.29 (save 71%)
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What the Nanny Saw by Fiona Neill Ali is the babysitter to a privileged family who suddenly finds itself at the center of a financial scandal.  When a reporter comes asking her for the inside scoop, will Ali remain loyal to the family who never saw her as anything other than the help? 

Hardcover Retail Price:  $26.95   
in the PBS Market: $3.39+1 credit (save 87%) or $7.29 (save 72%)



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 Drumroll please....!  We know you are eager to know who won the Summer 2013 Referral Contest.  Winners of the Month were: Laura L (bighilda) for June, Michele V (mishington) for July, Crystal B (servingjoyfully) for August.  Each of them got 5 Book Credits.  Overall Winner was Crystal B, servingjoyfully . She referred 16 completed referrals during the summer. Wow! She gets another 25 free Book Credits!   Note that having a Nickname makes it easier to refer other members - you do get credit for completed referrals, even without the contest!  Thanks to all who referred new members. We're sure they thank you too!

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 Teachers, Take Note!  We'll be launching School Book Sales soon, our new site to allow teachers to obtain classroom books at the lowest possible cost. Because of our relationship with vendors (established by new-book purchases for the PaperBackSwap Market) we are able to take advantage of bulk discount book purchases. We hope that this will help to get more books into the hands of young readers. If you are an educator, Submit your contact information to be notified when the site launches - you can also opt to be a beta tester for the site. Homeschoolers can definitely participate - just enter your school manually as '[your family name] Homeschool" on the form.  Be sure to spread the word to any teachers/homeschoolers you know!

Newsletter image MABs Are Fab!  The Member Appreciation Books have been really popular.  You can never predict when one will be offered to you, so grab it if you see an offer of one you want!  Remember that you can repost the books after reading them, and earn a Book Credit (you can even use it to get another MAB!).  You can check which MABs are Wish Listed by checking the box next to "Show only wishlisted MABs" at the top of the MABs list.  Read more about MABs in the Help Center.


Don’t be left behind! Come sail away with your Tour Guides on the 10th Anniversary PaperBackSwap Cruise, October 26-November 1, 2014! This cruise is available to all PBS members and their guests, sailing on the Norwegian Sun out of Tampa, FL to Honduras where we have a group beach shore excursion planned. We’ll also be stopping for a day in Belize City, Belize. In Costa Maya, Mexico we have a tour planned to the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins with a lunch visit to a private small farm. Our final stop will be Cozumel, Mexico. This tour is open only to PBS Members and their guests - we have 7 days of fabulous fun planned! Inside Cabins are $535 per person. Oceanview Cabins are $615 per person. Balcony Cabins are $835 per person.  Details are available in the Discussion Forum topic, or by contacting our Travel Specialist directly at (404) 272-2972. For information from a Cruise Committee Tour Guide, post in the Discussion Forum topic. Note: Please don't send in Feedback, as PaperBackSwap is not coordinating this event.

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Savings are just a click away....National Brands Coupons offers you hundreds of printable manufacturer's coupons every week, as well as links to coupon codes, discount gifts, and other money-saving opportunities. It's free to print out coupons for products you already buy.  Using National Brands Coupons helps to support the club, while saving you money!


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PBS Local Chapter News

New Local Chapter Leader:

  • Julissa L - ta2kitty - Palm Springs, CA

Upcoming Chapter Meetups:

The Triangle/NC Chapter is planning their next meetup, and talking about participating in the 2014 cruise!  Check out the forum topic to get involved.

The DVM Chapter  (DC, Virginia, MD) is discussing their next meetup and playing some bookswapping games For details, see the forum topic or contact Laura (caddieseamus) or Susan P (sneyers11).

The North Texas Chapter  has their books and meetups planned almost through the end of the year!  They meet Sundays  from 3-5pm. The next meeting is October 20, and the book is The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. They also have a December Cookie Club you might want to get into.  Check out their facebook page! Contact Shellie (aylamonster) for more information. 

The Laveen Arizona Chapter  will be meeting next at 10:00 am on Saturday, September 28th for discussion of The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout. They have some great books lined up!  See the Chapter topic for the list, and check out their facebook page! Contact lisaparks for location and more information.

The Charlotte, NC Metro Area Chapter meets monthly, usually the first Monday of every month - they've been meeting regularly for four years!  See their upcoming schedule of events here. Contact Kimberly (KimberlyN) for details, and to get on their e-vite list.

The Northern Virginia Chapter meets the third Saturday of every month, usually in western Fairfax County.  For more information, contact Aubrey H (Bookpurrsn).

We'd love to share your Chapter news - if you have some, please submit it to us

If you want to be a Local Chapter Leader for PBS, you just need to have a PBS Nickname, a viewable public profile, and enthusiasm!  Check the Local Chapter Leaders Forum List of Official Chapters to see if your area already has a local Chapter.  If not, and you want to do this, just contact us.  There are no formal guidelines for being a Chapter Leader.  All of the information is in the Local Chapter Leader Discussion Forum topic.    If you are an official Chapter Leader and want us to include your upcoming meetup in the Newsletter, send in a message to us with the date, at least a week before the end of the preceding month.


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Misty E. (millywv)

Misty has been a member for just over 5 years. She has sent out almost 1000 books. She is a former Tour Guide, and she plays in the Games Forum, including heading up a wicked-sounding group called the Den of Sin (DOS).  We heard nothing but praise about her:

"Misty is a organized, dependable leader of the "DOS". Her dedication to keeping everyone in touch through the chat room has created a band of friends that laughs at all the fun in life, prays and help through all the drama, and provide the kinds of friends EVERYONE needs. Misty is often leading multiple games at a time, supporting other game leaders, and helping out behind the scenes. No one is PBS-world is more dedicated to her online friends and good books as Misty is."

"She is always friendly, kind, encouraging, patient, and a fantastic hostess!"

"A great friend, and a great member of PBS..."

Misty, you certainly have passionate fans in the club!  You are Member of the Month for September.  Congratulations!

If you have any nominations for Member of the Month, submit them to us hereYour nomination will not "expire"--anyone you nominate will have a chance at getting Member of the Month if enough nominations accumulate over time. Each month the person who has the most votes accumulated when the Newsletter goes to press gets to be Member of the Month and gets a newsletter mention and a nifty MoM icon to wear on profile and forum posts with pride.  So go for it! Tell us who's helped you in the Forums, who's been a great swapper, who in your opinion is a credit to PBS.  We are keeping a list of all the nominated members.  Who knows--one of them might be YOU!


Dear Librarian -  I got a package postage-due the other day. I had to collect it from the PO, and there they told me that the sender had re-used a Priority Mail envelope so they were charging Priority rate.  I had no idea that you couldn't re-use Priority envelopes! Can you spread the word about this? - Amazed in Ashtabula

Dear Tabby,

We're sorry you had that happen! Yes, it's not permitted to use Priority Materials for anything but a priority-rate mailing. Even if you are REusing the materials, and even if you just use Priority tape. The PO is pretty serious about this. If you turn the envelope/mailer inside out it's actually considered a more serious infraction, since that implies the sender is aware of the wrongdoing.   We know the member who mailed the book to you probably thought she was doing a good thing by recycling/reusing materials, and she did not mean for you to have to pay the extra postage. We hope everyone who reads this tells two other people about this rule, so that this doesn't happen any more. You can read more about this in our Help Center.

Dear Librarian - Now I know that it's better to package well than to package poorly, so I don't mean to complain - but my goodness, I have gotten some packages that are so covered in tape I can't open them!  Do you have any suggestions? - Struggling in Sweetbriar

Dear  Sweetie,

We are sorry that you have had trouble opening packages! We know that super-taped packaging can be both a blessing (it really protects the book) and a curse (opening the package can be like trying to get into Fort Knox!).

There have been occasional discussions in our Discussion Forums about this - many members suggest using a small, pointed tool (or nail scissors) to pierce a looser part of the wrapping (for example, at a corner of the package, to avoid damaging the book), and then working the point of a scissors into the hole and cutting it open from there. You might want to consult the membership in the Discussion Forums anew, in case they have any other helpful suggestions. You can access the Discussion Forums under Community at the top of any page. We suggest the Questions about PBS  forusm for this particular question.

A word to the super-tapers - we applaud your efforts to protect the book!  Please have mercy on the receiver, though, and leave a little bit of the exterior UNtaped, so that the package can be opened without damaging the book.

 The Last Word:

  • Newsletter image As always, don't forget to start your Amazon shopping from the link at the top of the PBS site - when you do this, a small percentage of your purchase amount comes to us.  So whenever (and whatever) you plan to purchase on Amazon, start from the Amazon link at the top of the PBS site. It's an easy, free way to support the club!
  • Are you NOT reading the PBS Blog?  You won't believe what you've been missing!  Check it out from the link under Community at the top of any page on the site.