Book Review of Yaoi Hentai Volume 1

Yaoi Hentai Volume 1
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Helpful Score: 2

The publisher's description states, "This is its most extreme. Graphic scenes of loving..." I would say that description is half-right. It is both extreme and graphic. But I would not use the word "loving" to describe anything that happens in these stories. There are 4 short stories contained in this collection. Of them, three involve coerced or non-consentual sex. The fourth involves, shall we say, naughty tenticles. I am no shy and retiring flower, and I certainly have no problems with graphic depictions of sex. However, I personally find the situations in this book to be too abhorrent to enjoy any of the bishounen. I am sure there are those out there for whom this is their cup of tea, but I am not one of them.