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Book Review of The Vengeance of Hera (Hercules)

The Vengeance of Hera (Hercules)


Half man, half god, Hercules is the most famous hero of ancient Greece. Possessedof enormous strength, the son of Zeus roams the world in search of adventure, sharing the glories of a bygone age with such legendary comrades as Jason of the Argonauts and the proud warrior woman, Atlanta. Prepare yourself for wonders, O mortal, as the quest for the golden fleece sets sail once more...


The Isle of Thorna is plagued by a man-eating cyclops who demands a terrible tribute from the terrorized citizens: six of their sons and six of their daughters must be sacrificed each year to appease the giant's hunger. Hercules dares to challenge the cyclops, but their epic battle is only the beginning of his troubles, for Hera, the vengeful Queen of the Gods, has her own plot to destroy Hercules!

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