Book Review of Seduction by Design

Seduction by Design
Seduction by Design
Author: Sandra Brown
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Hardcover
Helpful Score: 1

Hailey Ashton is devoted to her challenging job as the Director of Guest Relations at the Serendipity Amusement Park in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Those who know her are impressed with her hard work and dedication as well as her beauty and strength. But Hailey's tough exterior hides a fragile self-image that dashes any hopes of a love life.
Until one afternoon when a minor emergency brings her into contact with Tyler Scott, the dynamic and thoroughly irritating new owner of the park. Tyler sees past Hailey's facade to the real woman hiding within and a promising relationship quickly begins. But there are still obstacles in their path. Tyler's young daughter has lost her mother and wants Hailey to replace her, and Hailey's unpredictable younger sister always shows up at the wrong time. But the biggest problem is Hailey's own doubts and fears which could jeopardize her best chance at total fulfillment.