Book Review of Where Dreams Begin (Avon Historical Romance)

Where Dreams Begin (Avon Historical Romance)
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Helpful Score: 2

I just finished reading "When Strangers Marry" and I can't help but feel the two main characters are very similar here. It seems like there Kleypas uses illness as a way of bonding or as a tragic past a lot. So if you are okay with that reoccuring theme, then you would probably like this. For me, it took away some of the enjoyment.

The book was good though. I enjoyed Zach and Holly. They more a little more serious than I expected and less bantering. I didn't think I would like ruthless Zach but Kleypas did a good job of showing another side to him. I loved the scenes between Zach and Rose (Holly's daughter). Zach's family was great although his mother kind of got on my nerves with the way she felt like Zach was shooting for the impossible by wanting Holly.

The end seemed to drag a little. Kind of like there was nowhere else to go with the story but Kleyplas felt like she needed to fulfill the page obligation to her publisher.

I liked the class commentary in the story as though, especially when Zach tries to help people that are not the upper class by not giving a handout but by providing means to help themselves.

Interesting read. Decent.